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It was just to prove a point. Rail with reinforced structure that can be moved sideways. Volkswagen Transporter T5 2. Hi there the only proper way of removing the speed limiter is to take the truck to volvo and have them do it on the wago. M1 Passenger vehicle I have just received a speeding ticket for 69mph on a dual carriageway. Some speed limiters are applied within the mapping of the ECU, and therefore can be modified via flashing the ECU, whilst others require dealer specific tools in order to apply or remove.

The oeners map has nothing do do with speed limiter, its a limiter for injection of fuel, depending temperature and vehicle speed. How to set a speed warning on your VW dashboard.

Need implement to USG: This was a very awkward customer! Currently these vehicles are allowed to do 70mph on the motorways, just like private cars – but from 1 January they will be limited to 56mph.

Ha no it’s not a target I’m aiming for, a friend seems to think it is like skylines and other imports, but I couldn’t imagine that especially since the VZ Maloo top speed is kmh or something. It provides a visual and an audiable warning when the user defined road speed is exceeded. Make sure you look at all the axis to match up Yes, you can just change those values to rev higher.


Nissan Juke Facelift – Please select your vehicle from the drop down menu above to ensure that we supply you with the correct product. Aggressive speed limiter High price tag Up and coming brands have provided plenty of pressure for Segway to phase out its goliath flagship transporter for something more portable.

And in a decision that the owner will certainly regret, he decided to remove the factory speed limiter and take his V6 Mustang up to mph. If your vehicle is not in the list please contact us for details.

Volkswagen Transporter LWB 1. You tell us the RPM you want to be the rev limiter, and we set it. I could be wrong, but seem to remember reading this, and delivery companies going mad, and saying they will have to have two little for connects instead of a big van they seem to forget 70mph is the jeta speed limit has anyone had a speed limiter removed from a t5 if so where or by whom?

A van which was designed as a van and based on nothing else has a limit of 10mph less on major roads. T5 speed limiter help verification needed From what I can gather from reading other threads if it’s been changed in channel 18 your stuck with it but in this case it’s channel 14 that is showing 92kmh however it won’t allow the value to be changed.

Whether you need a speed limiter removed or applied, we will be able to help. To decrease the EGR rate, increase the number to the highest possible value typically How do i disable the speed limiter on my vw caddy that used to belong wgaon the gas board – Answered by a verified VW Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.


We offer full Speed Limiter services.

Transporter t5 speed limiter

With a respectable output of hp, it also has a factory set maximum speed. Giletype Manual, Brochure This is a great car if u like speed but also prefer a 4 door car. It covers over the locks on your van to prevent access to the barrel itself.

Most important is a range of new, quieter and more fuel efficient engines. Yes, you read that right.

Transporter t5 speed limiter

But you may need to activate launch control map in vagedcsuite to edit that map if it doesn’t work. Press and hold “OK” to reset the current trip computer. Hi, Have recently purchased a LT35 2. The changes are significant.

Please refer to brochure for further details. Check your spare wheel on your VW t5 every year and make sure you can freely unscrew the bolt for when you might really need it.

That musters HP and lb-ft.

Engine Rev Limiter changed: