A Nation in Making: Being the Reminiscences of Fifty Years of Public Life. Front Cover. Sir Surendranath Banerjea. Oxford University Press, – India – Sir Surendranath Banerjee (Bengali: সুরেন্দ্রনাথ বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়) (10 November – 6 Banerjee was soon dismissed for making a minor judicial error. and he went on to write the widely acclaimed A Nation in Making, published in In the end, Banerjea lost his job by committing a serious judicial mistake. Sir Surendranath Banerjea (), a foremost political leader of Bengal, dedicated his life to opposing colonialism through moderate but.

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The inaugural meeting was marked by an incident that deserves a passing notice.

Full text of “A Nation In Making”

Hardly a day passed in which I was not called upon to give an explanation about some case or other. Journal of the association of physicians of india.

The public men of the time were not forgetful of the lesson thus taught ; and k deputation of the Puna Sarvajanik Sabha, which visited Calcutta inpointedly referred to it at a banejrea ence held in the rooms of the British Indian Association, as opening the way for the united political efforts of an awakened India. We did so, but the makihg was not satisfied.

I was appointed Special Delegate to visit the different pro- vinces. It is moving, slowly it may be, but steadily, and is responsive to the world-forces. I signed the order along with a heap of other papers.

Book review ‘A Nation in Making’: Banerjea’s nation-A man and his history

An ounce of fact is worth a ton of theory. Precise 1st arrival date unknown: But I began at once to take a part in public affairs. But since then things have changed, and both Liberals and Conservatives have, from the front benches, uttered the shibboleth that India lies outside party considerations.


Ghose spoke with a power and eloquence that excited the admiration of all, suendranath evoked the warmest tribute from the President. Mazzini had worked through the young. For even then, the conception of a united India, derived from the inspiration of Mazzini, or, at any rate, of bringing all India upon the same common political platform, had taken firm possession of the minds of the Indian leaders in Bengal.

Taking up a particular chapter, I have sometimes found it more convenient to close it and begin a new one, some of the events related being of prior date.

I am in the evening of my life, soon perhaps to join him for whom I grieved.

Wikisource has original works written by or about: Many years afterwards a Lieutenant-Governor told me that it was a wicked proceeding. Origins of the nationalist movement.

Surendranath Banerjea

The Anglicized habits of some of those who had come back from England added to the general alarm. They had to be protected against the seductive influence of drink, to which some of the most illustrious men of the last generation had fallen victims. Sir Surendranath Banerjee Bengali: I had to decline it for reasons that were apparent on the surface. I was a prizeman every year. I passed ; he failed. I replied to his arguments, and the public meeting ratified the resolution creating the Association.

The story is told and it is a tradition in our family that he came to see my grandmother, to comfort her in her sorrow, when my father ran away from home to avoid the displeasure of my grandfather for an outrage upon Hindu orthodoxy. The agitation against the Vernacular Press Act was continued. The feeling was deepened by the inaction of the British Indian Association and of some of our leading men.

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Retrieved 19 April A Nation in Making: Banerjea became more moderate in his political sensibilities as time progressed. A Nation in Making, is an autobiographical work reprinted by Rupa. I was asked to speak. Throughout my career in school and college I never had a tutor, and had to depend entirely upon myself in learning two such difficult languages as Surendrwnath and Latin.

Sir Surendranath Banerjea

Inhe became the proprieter and editor of The Bengalee. Bose had come back from England a few months before me, and had founded the Students’ Association of Calcutta, of which he was the President.

Never was there a man surendramath uncompromising in what he believed to be the truth, and hardly was there such amiability combined with such strength and firmness. As we were walking up and down the platform, a French policeman approach- ed us and asked us to follow him to the police-station. I read the address. His simplicity, the charm of his manners, his intellectual eminence, and his genuine and all-consuming love of country, fascinated all who came in contact with him.