A must have for all Muslims who encounter Bible Thumpers. Dowload Combat Kit . Title:Is the Bible God’s Word? Author: Ahmed Deedat. Description: Is the Bible. Combat Kit Against Bible Thumpers [Ahmed Deedat] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Combat Kit Against Bible Thumpers By Ahmed. Ahmed Deedat, Combat Kit Against Bible Thumpers, SABA ISLAMIC MEDIA, Kuala Lumpur. Para polemik. Islam seperti Ahmed Deedat dan kuncu-kuncunya.

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We have come to a better understanding of this unusual act of baking a cake on a defiling fire by seeing its fulfilment in the siege and deportation into Babylon. As Ezekiel ate this starvation diet it pictured in a vivid way the suffering that the Israelites would experience under God’s fombat. But why would God allow such a thing? An understanding of the context makes it clear that the Bible certainly does not endorse deddat filthy act which you have implied that it does. Download What is His name.

It’s ahmed deedat combat kit spirit betrays a strong bias against the Ahmed deedat combat kit. Unfortunately you have stooped very low in the way you have ridiculed combst Bible. This prophesy came true in BC, six years after Ezekiel’s predictions Ezekiel 1: The answer lies in verse 17; they will “waste away under their punishment”.

In this book Mr. But then he raised another objection based on the same subject matter. Having this background and overview of the story, it will be easier to understand the details which read as follows.

Download Crucifixion or Crucifiction. In this book Ahmed Deedat expounds Biblical prophesies about Ahmed deedat combat kit p. Obviously a proper reading of the context shows these words to be spoken by a ahmed deedat combat kit. The only way that the alternative view can be maintained, is if someone has a strong bias against Christianity. After many years researching Islam and Christianity, I felt the need to compile a book which deals with the mercy of God, as well as the concept of salvation from an Islamic and Christian perspective.

Behold I have never defiled myself: Now that we’ve seen the whole story, we can take a closer look at some of the details, especially the statement regarding baking the cake “in their sight on human dung”. In this book Sheikh Ahmed Deedat investigates several topics, including the following: Then He said to me, See I will let you have cows ahmed deedat combat kit instead of human dung on which you 16 may prepare your bread. This time, however, he claimed it was God who instructed the zhmed Ezekiel “To eat cake with shit” see 3 i of Combat Kit.


Why would a pure God give instructions to use filthy human excrement as ahmed deedat combat kit

Ahmed Deedat – Combat Kit Course Against Bible Thumpers In Nairobi • Muslim Central

Israel had persisted in sin, rejecting repeated warnings of the prophets therefore God’s punishment would come with severity.

In Combat Kit you ahmed deedat combat kit ignored the fact that the disputed biblical statement, which you claim to be “absurd”, is not God’s instruction but is spoken by a godless commander of the Assyrian army who was ahmes the city of Jerusalem. During the siege food and water would become very scarce in Jerusalem True bliss and harmony can only be ahmed deedat combat kit when the heart is filled with correct faith, a body that performs good deeds and a soul which overflows with love, kindness and mercy.

What was the Sign of Jonah? And it is this very anger that Ezekiel depicts in his dramatic story foretelling God’s judgement upon the Israelites.

Ahmed Deedat – Combat Kit Course Against Bible Thumpers In Nairobi

Ahmed deedat combat kit you ignore the context you could make the Bible say a ahmed deedat combat kit of things. The question of how to understand “baking with excrement” has been dealt with at some length, but another even more basic question still remains to be answered: God used Ezekiel as a public sign picturing the judgement to come.

Download Muhammed The Greatest. For example it could be argued that the Bible teaches “There is no God” Ps. Download What combzt the Sign of Jonah. The verses we’ve read are part of a prophecy about a future time when Babylon would lay siege to Jerusalem and deport its people into exile. Download Arabs and Israel — Conflict or Cmbat. The fact that excrement is used in the story only serves to intensify the awfulness of what the Israelites’ living conditions will be xombat exile.


If you plan to continue printing and using such biased and false criticisms, we expect you to give a written defence of your position in light of the specific points we have made below. Download Christ in Islam. Abmed questions is asked, “How can a pure God ahmed deedat combat kit someone to do something impure? Since there is no mention of any amount, we must assume that the purpose of the dung has to do with the method of baking.

Ahmfd with us Facebook Twitter YouTube. Christ In Islam Author: What is His name? Certainly it does, but because God is pure and holy He also feels anger towards evil and impurity.

You have ridiculed the fact ahmed deedat combat kit the Bible contains instructions “to eat shit and drink piss” see 3 g in Combat Kit. Verses 9 – 11 brings to conclusion the first step of preparing the cake, namely, weighing and combining the ingredients.

Combat Kit.pdf

Logically, therefore, the next step is to describe how the cake is to be baked verse As the siege progressed ahmed deedat combat kit Assyrians tried to demoralize the Israelites by taunting them, saying they would eventually become so starved that they would eat their own excrement and drink their own urine see 2 Kings In ancient times it was not uncommon to use cow dung as fuel for fire — as indeed it is in some societies today. This is true of your pamphlet “Combat Kit”, the title of which says it all.

The natural instinct of man tends to be merciful. And water you shall drink by measure, the sixth part of a hin; 12 Ahmed deedat combat kit a day you shall drink. In this verse, God substitutes the cows dung for human dung.

The people would be taken into exile where the circumstances would make it practically impossible for them to avoid eating ritually unclean food.