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Have them like it, no better have them love it, have them doing it to other people but never let them have the amtserdamned have them do it for their master. I would suggest for Trixie Brother to become somekind of remote controlled Sissywith Earphones permenently installed in her Ears so the only thing she could hear is her Master voice and recorded brainwash session Really like the Headphones Brainwash thing Keep up the good work.

amstedramned Sign In to comment. Hopefully I should have news of Amsterdamned Nites Progress either later this week or next week. All works are copyrighted material! To those that have read the first part, the story carries straight on from where part 1 finished. Others could be restrained and forced to serve drinks.

Never Cross A Redneck.

A weekend camping trip turns into life-long sissy slavery for Stevie boy! Any news on when Strapford Pound is going to be released? I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now, watching the progress on Strapford Pound, and anxiously awaiting the chance to get to see what you’ve been working on all this time. I hope that you can use something from this. I have to agree with the anonymous poster before me. D Did you have a Favourite Part? Aside amsterdamnev pimping them out, he could also humiliate them further by forcing them to perform on film and selling the videos.


Baldur’s Gape- Ogres assfuck their enemies dry best – part 2. This is very disappointing to hear. Maybe a nosering denotes a particular sort of slave?

Lustomic – Amsterdamned Nites » 18Comix – Free Adult Comics

Read The Amstefdamned License Agreement before you buy. Keep up the great work! Part 2 will definitely be showing some of the Real Amsterdamned rather than the snippet of how Trixie imagined it to be, on page Some are being used, and others are being tortured.

Without seeing part 2 it’s difficult to advise on part 3 – don’t even know if you’ve focussed on the same two characters,’Trixie’ and Melissa?

[[email protected]] Amsterdamned Nites Part 2 – E-Hentai Galleries

XXX Comix new Update: I had never really noticed that I had such a barnyard theme running throughout my stories: See enslaved parents through hypnosis and brainwashing They do not recognize their children Meanwhile Tom and Melissa try to resist not to become slaves and keep it together Later Tom and Melisa see their parents turned into zombie-sissy, parents do not recognize, they not think, just obey, they are fucked by their parents, while they are brainwashed Tom and Melisa not resist more and they becoming mindless slaves.

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Amsterdamned Nites Trixies Story. Thank you for your comment Sakari: D You actually are kind of a little bit right with your prediction, although not really, if that makes sense Fiffi as well they just accepted it and they just started to like it, they became what they made into.

And like everyone else I’m eagerly looking forward to when Strapford Pound comes out! There are no monthly fees and you have access to your purchases for as long as you have an account with us! Stranger in the Forest written by.

Lustomic – Amsterdamned Nites 1-2

Randy Estrada campaign leader. Find out what exactly goes on in Amsterdamned. Even Richer than Celebrities Pink and fluffi niyes if not in Amsterdamned! Is candykink holding it up? As far as ideas that I would like to see explored, I think forced prostitution and sissies being forced to perform on camera would work well. Amsterdamned Nites 2 Trixies Story. Get access to all your Lustomic stuff! Sure, you can buy as many as you can handle, sissy slut!!