8 Mar Freshwater Master Test Kit Instructions – Did you lose yours? Download them right from the API website: API Test Kit Instructions. Hey can anybody scan me a picture or tell where I can find the instructions online ? I can’t remember how much, how long, etc. Thanks, Ben. 16 Mar Hey all, sooooo I lost my test kit instructions. I have an api test kit with nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and high and low pH. I’ve looked online.

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Dec 21, Messages: What do you want to see more of on Tropical Fish Site? Ammonia converts to ammonium in acidic water. Api freshwater master test kit instructions Test Kits from Api freshwater master test kit instructions As I mentioned, because all the various test use different quantities of drops, and possibly because you will use some tests more than others, you might run out of solution for a particular test before the others.

Thanks all, Should be good to go now. Combining the results from both test leads me to a PH of 7. Fish Plants Shrimp Snails Frogs. Thank you for the information and the simplified instructions, typing them from the booklet was a job I have been trying to avoid.

All this masger say, be aware of sources of non-lethal ammonium in your aquarium that may be influencing test results.


Instruxtions wonder if your AP rep is truely a technical type, or just a salesperson. There are a few disadvantages to test strips. This is very conservative as the test utilizing fewer drops would last much longer than BTW, my cards do not have the directions on the back, they are just blank.


So for any beginner its easy, which when you first start to think about testing your water it seems like it api freshwater master test kit instructions become very tricky and confusing.

It has enough solution for around tests. Dec 30, Messages: I was looking for this particular info for a very long time. No, create an account now. I have 11 tanks running at home now and I use this method and have increased my life span of my kit from months to about mazter year. Mostly I’m interested in making sure I’m doing the nitrate right.

This entry was posted in Reviews Test Kits. Api freshwater master test kit instructions way is to set the tubes upright on the card by the results that match, as shown below:.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. If you test the PH text tap water immediately after it flows from your faucet, it might read higher than you expect. Results that you care about: Denver, CO Last Seen: The advantage is the simplicity. For the other parameters ammonia, nitrite, nitrate if they do exist, I bet they are super expensive.

I will post their response here for all to see.

Lost Api Master Test Kit Instructions.

As long as you follow instructions, you will be rewarded with accurate results. The testing seems instructlons on putting in an exact amount of both water and test solution s. Shake test tube for 1 minute. Add 5 drops from Nitrite Test Solution. Shake Nitrate Bottle 2 for 30 seconds. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. A pdf of my instructions is located here for those api freshwater master test kit instructions would like to print one out for their kit.


The container also holds maaster test tubes upright for you while you perform the testing.

Do you have difficulty assessing the Nitrate values of 40ppm and 80ppm as the colors on the chart appear to be identical? By the time I finish the last test, it has often been almost 5 minutes of wait time for the first test Nitrate.

API Freshwater Master Test Kit Review

Granted we were doing upwards of tests a day in the store over tanks plus customer tests and the average home user will never be remotely close in amount of tests but still. Add 10 drops of Nitrate Bottle 2. I wouldn’t recommend adjusting the instructions per the manufacturer. If your tank ever reads something other than 0.

It is cumbersome the first few times you perform all the test, but again, it gets faster and easier with practice. It has been a very long time api freshwater master test kit instructions I have used a test kit, but I do agree it can be a bit hard to distinguish the Nitrate values. Highly accurate and economical. PH of tap water can change after a period of time: