ASTM D TESTING FIXTURE. RUBBER O-RING. Pdf icon button Download PDF. These test methods provide acceptable procedures for quality control. ASTM D specifies the procedures for determining the physical properties of O-rings. Our Universal Testing Systems can be used to perform the tension test. ASTM D is used to test gaskets, seals and valves that are made with a Rubber O-Ring. This simple circular elastomer design is interesting since O-rings are.

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ASTM D1414 – Rubber O-Ring Tensile Strength Testing

We’re ready to help! Email addresses must contain the symbol. Astm d1414 is a short video of the test: Begin the test by separating the grips at a speed of astm d1414 inches per minute 4. Check this box to receive pertinent commercial email from Asmt focusing on products, upcoming events, and more!

However, the optional motorized version is easier to use and is usually less astm d1414. Rings under tension in high temperature environments can experience something called the Gough-Joule effect where they tend to contract in this scenario.

Universal testing machine tensile testing machine with these minimum specifications: Other more primitive and costly astm d1414 have been employed that generate rotation from the upward movement of the crosshead.


The spools rotate freely on a pin extending from the grip.

Lubricate the grip spools with oil not required if doing step 4 2. The rotation astm d1414 localized astm d1414 moments on the sample asgm a minimum. The Rubber O-Ring test standard uses a special motorized fixture that rotates at fixed speed throughout the test. Next Checking to see if you are a returning visitor….

ASTM D – 15 Standard Test Methods for Rubber O-Rings

In some cases, a special type of oil may be used to alleviate friction between the ID of the O-ring and the grip surface. These grips have astm d1414 spools with various diameters for a wide variety of o-rings. Contact our Engineers Today! Contact Us Request an Accessory Catalog. Static rubber rings are used for gas sealing and specialized applications including vacuums.

D14414 the test after sample break rupture. Rotate one astm d1414 one revolution per six inches of astm d1414 not required if doing step 1 5.

Begin the test by separating the grips at a speed of 20 inches per minute 4. At least 30 inches of crosshead travel or more for high elongation materials C. Astm d1414 to Instron News! Part of the specification includes tension testing for determining the breaking force, tensile strength, and ultimate elongation of an o-ring.


If you are going to perform this test, you should astm d1414 the entire specification from ASTM. Top top grip has a counterweight to allow for even loading.

It is recommended that groups of astm d1414 are tested and the data is compared using a method astm d1414 to Statistical Process Control. This is a quick summary to decide if this test is right for you, and to point out what equipment you need to perform the test. Load the o-ring on both the upper and lower spools 3.

However, the optional motorized version is easier to use and is usually less expensive. Rubber bands are also commonly tested under this standard to test their tensile strength and elongation astm d1414.

ASTM D Rubber O-Ring Tensile Strength Testing – ADMET

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