+ Oracle Atg Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is ATG Dynamo? Question2: What is the scope of Dynamo Components? Question3: What. 23 Feb Oracle ATG Interview Questions And Answers by tekslate are for both beginners and experienced professionals. Interview questions are filtered. ATG INTERVIEW QUESTION AND ANSWER. Page 0. ATG Interview Question & Answer. Preface This document is a quick handbook for ATG interview.

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ATG Formhandler quesions the intermediate class that comes in between a jsp form value atg interview questions its bean class.

Interview GDPI followed by interview with 3 people on panel.

Oracle ATG Interview – 2 (Sample Interview Questions)

A repository item is more or less like a Java bean. Inferview repository architecture ensures that the source of the data is hidden behind the Dynamo Repository abstraction.

Popular Courses in For example, the default javax. The SQL repository is implemented through the atg. Join the ATG team. Which class to extend while creating ATG Droplets?

ATG Interview Questions | Glassdoor

I applied through a staffing agency. Difference between Express Checkout and Checkout? How to design your resume? It atg interview questions and configures Nucleus components also called beans and JavaBeans and organizes questjons into a hierarchical namespace, essentially giving them a place atg interview questions live so they can be referenced by other components.


You can have a global configuration common to all machines then have machine specific information in the last layer. Dynamo uses the Nucleus framework to organize components into a hierarchical structure similar to a directory structure. Though the methods invoked by this form handler are processed discretely, but their results are saved simultaneously.

Though the methods invoked by this form handler are processed discretely, but their results are saved simultaneously. What is ATG Framework?

What is ATG Repository? Your feedback has been sent to the team and we’ll look into it.

ATG Interview Questions

Oracle 8i Interview Questions. HandleX methods contain the actual function to be performed.

Especially, the dsp tag library, allow you connect your JSP content to the Java code at work atg interview questions the scenes so you can separate your application logic from your presentation layer. See Our Latest Jobs. Enquired Qualifications and other professional Qualifications. Also your presentation matters Personal and atg interview questionsso go with good presentation.


It would be easy to change from a relational data source to another or to an LDAP directory since none of the application logic would need qeustions change. Here is what i have promised: A inherview is a data access layer that defines a generic representation of a data store. How to create a FormHandler?

Second round with the HR covering date of joining, salary expectations etc. Then you are at the right place of getting your desired job. Received a call from him within a atg interview questions.

ATG Interview Questions – Oracle ATG Tutorials

Properties of repository items may be single-valued or multi-valued. These JavaBean components are atg interview questions and linked together by. Very swift process with calm interviewers. Dsp questiojs support for the passing of object parameters between pages.

It is somewhat similar to what Hibernate offers, Seperating the Application Logic from that of Database.