I was extremely disappointed by Authentic Thaumaturgy. The author, Isaac Bonewits, is a practicing magician who supposedly received a degree in Magic from. 22 Jan Here’s an excerpt from the Second Edition of Authentic Thaumaturgy, my book on magic and religion for players of fantasy games such as. 7 May Isaac Bonewits on The Laws of Magic (excerpt from his ‘Authentic Thaumaturgy’).

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Click the button to make a fast and secure donation to Isaac and Phaedra Bonewits, so they can afford to keep this website going and growing! Written by professional occultist Isaac Bonewits, Authentic Thaumaturgy describes how to create “realistic” magical systems for roleplaying games.

The tables and formulas were originally thaumautrgy with the help of professional mathematician, game player, and friend Larry Press.

Authentic Thaumaturgy: Introduction

Bonewits presents 26 Laws of Magic which he explains “are not legislative laws thamaturgy, like those of physics or of musical harmony, are practical observations that have been accumulating over the course of thousands of years, with remarkable similarity in almost every known human culture. Julie rated it it was amazing Sep 05, Adults should have no trouble extrapolating appropriate spells and rituals for your characters to perform.

Lists with This Book. Objects or beings in physical or psychic contact with each other continue to interact after separation. Any GM who likes modifying his game’s magic systems will get a lot of ideas here. These thaumatrgy laws akthentic in order: Gary added it Jul 07, John added it May 05, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Click the button to make a fast and secure donation to Isaac and Phaedra Bonewits, so they can afford to keep this website going and growing!

Authentic Thaumaturgy

Lori Hyrup added it Jul 19, Since the ideas are based firmly on authentic occult theory and practice, however, thaumsturgy suggestion followed will add yet another touch of magical realism to your games. David Crawford marked it as to-read Jun 01, This role-playing game related article is a stub.

Blood from an aardvark can always be used to control more aardvarks than the original donor, because aardvark blood will always be very similar to aardvark blood. Steven marked it as to-read Jan 04, All of these topics are approached with logic and thaumtaurgy a little humor.

His special manual on demons describes the appearance and power of evil entities with accompanying sketches.

Autentic Thaumaturgy

Jeff Thetford rated it it was amazing Jun 24, Is having access to this material worth a few dollars, punts, pounds, or euros to you? The two halves of the yin-yang are opposite in color, but they are identical in shape; thus opposite and similar on two different levels of reality or universes of discourse. Yet the two halves both attract and repel each other in an eternal circular dance see ajthentic Law of Polarity below.

Bonewits presents full yet easily understood answers to all of these. Brea marked it as to-read Feb 24, As to presentation, most of the art is done in imitation of old woodcuts.


Eric Jackson added it Feb 19, My guess is that it also ties in with the Anti-Psi talents. However, the various spells used in roleplaying games for Summoning Monsters have nothing to do with evoking them.

Authentic Thaumaturgy: The Laws of Magic

They seem to be used mostly as a way to cheat Fate and thus the game. Kenneth Hite in Mania Magazine: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. For every usage of the Law of Similarity: This Law may or may not be the same as the Law of Infinite Universes.

Jasper De vries rated it it was ok Sep 21, This may seem an unusual approach, but then the author does an admirable job of showing how these may be extrapolated into almost any thaumathrgy of spell effect, ranging from the traditional to the experimental that give GMs headaches when their players discover them.

A little preachy in terms of the reality of magic, but very informative and pretty fun about how the author thinks magic really works. Back to the T. May 7, c.