Buy Autoloc AIR Air Command 6 Presets Command Air Suspension Control System at Amazon UK. Free delivery on eligible orders. AutoLoc AIR $ with Free Shipping at Andy’s. All coupons automatically apply in checkout when you’re signed in! AutoLoc Air Command 8 Presets. AutoLoc is another AIM. None of their stuff lasts, I had an AutoLoc door popper kit and it went to shit in less than 4 months. The poppers went.

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With the AirCommand’s different valve times, you vehicle makes one smooth motion, from 0 straight to Toll Free Tech Support Downloads: Click here to learn more. Control each individual air bag, front and back separately, or all four bags at once.

Andy’s Auto Sport TV. If you live in California, please note this item may be subject to a Proposition 65 warning.

AUTOLOC Air Command

Plug n Play Sensors Learning:: What does this mean? This makes your air suspension jerk around as the unit “hunts” for the correct ride height. This is always a crowd pleaser at car shows and gatherings and is a great way to make your friends jealous. No Adjustable Ride Height:: With air suspension controllers you can quickly and easily fine tune your ride height to match your current driving situation. No jerking or hunting. Yes Monitors Front Right:: Please enable javascript and refresh the page.


This website requires javascript to be enabled. Click here to email us! For one, it means you can activate your ride heigth presets with the touch of a button on your remote control. This means that you can operate you air suspension with external buttons or switches. Available with remote keyfobs for remote operation.

Air Suspension Control «

Yes Monitors Rear Left:: Air Suspension Controllers are remote control devices that allow you to adjust and set your air suspension. Yes Monitors Front Left:: Send to a Friend. If you have installed air bags on your ride there are numerous different positions that you can set your suspension to. Help Report a Bug Policies. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty. So whether you need to pump it up for the extra weight from a car full of passengers or you want to slam it to the ground after you have parked to get the extra-low look, air suspension controllers will let you get the job done with ease.

Have a question about this product? If your at ride height 0 and you want to go to ride height 68, you’d have to use 2 Conmand long 1 dime medium and 8 pennies short.

It’s also compatible with the newer computerized stereo decks that have built-in outputs. This item is no longer available from Andy’s Auto Sport. The AirCommand has an input that will auroloc a signal from any factory or after-market alarm that will completely disable the air suspension until the alarm is disarmed.


This means even if someone disables your alarm, you air suspension will remain completely disabled until the AirCommand “hears from” the alarm again. This means your vehicle is jerking all over the place as the valves open and close 11 times, trying to get to that perfect height.

The AirCommand works with Autoloc’s remote systems to give you remote control and remote input options. Think about it like this: Sensors and relay not included.

Air Suspension Control

What is an air suspension controller? Your Andy’s account is now active and you’re logged in. What other companies have the alarm feature? Control each individual air bag, front and back separately, or all four bags at once! For more information please go over to http: Have us contact you!

Not only does the AirCommand operate a lot smoother than the kits from the other companies, but it also has a lot more features. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Disarm the alarm, raise up the vehicle, and commanf the engine, all at the push of a button? Kind of takers the fun out of an “easy” digital system.