Walkthrough a. Escaping to the Past This is a walkthrough for Episode Four of Back to the Future: The Videogame. This walkthrough is. Back to the Future at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. More Wiki Sections. Walkthrough. Collectibles. Cheats and. Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the achievements for Back to the Future in The walkthrough for this episode is under “The Future isn’t Written.

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Then put the remaining heavy bag on the platform. Talk to the Judge, and reveal Emmet is on the platform. She figures it’d be easy to reenact the scene, but she needs three props: Then ask her about the tickets. Return to future furnishing attraction, and use the green button on the control panel to call the phone booth. If there are any problems or mistakes with the guide, kindly comment about it and i will get it fixed right away!

Think you understand everything?

Emmet gives you a demonstration. Time for a frisbee lesson: Go back to the safe-house and play Tennen’s voice to Arthur making him come down. Emmett becomes upset at Marty, because Marty has ruined Emmett’s life.


Marty is forced to improvise, but in the end, he still manages to escape with Doc. Emmett is the younger version of Doc. This compound instantly cleans any surface in seconds, including clothing. This item is incompatible with Back to the Future: The Game” because of all the hype I’ve heard about it.

Pick up the bottle of cleanser. He comforts her for a bit, then the two of them drive off.

You can change these at any time in the game settings menu. Marty picks up the cleanser, then goes to the lab where he sees Emmett and Edna kissing each other. Once all three puzzles are solved, Emmett appears at the Nack. Use the antenna to, finally, get the keys from inside the driver’s booth, and use them to open the locked doors.

Use Marty’s guitar on the squawk box. It’s a good bet that getting the Emmett in this timeline to see Frankenstein will cause him to become a vack, too.

Back to the Future: The Game Walkthrough

The credits of the game sure promise a sequel. Marty will notice that Jennifer is in the next room. Some time during the rescue operation the drill explodes into little pieces, Edna arrives telling Marty that they are moving Doc to a safer place.

A woman who is friendly with Arthur McFly and Marty. Biff will turn the volume even further and bqck be knocked over by the blast. The microphone is connected to the speaker, so use the guitar on the microphone.

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To get the furs and the photo album, you have to go to Emmett’s Lab.

Back to the Future: The Game — Episode 4: Double Visions – Walkthrough

Arriving inyou’re approached by a nice reporter, from Hill Valley Herald, for an enterview about the speakeasy fire. If you choose any of the other options the following conversation won’t change, so the first option makes more sense storywise.

Now, Biff won’t let you have the courthouse, and if you remember the movie, that giant amplifier packs a hell of a punch. Marty then regains all the items in his inventory. Marty soon realizes that something is wrong here. After all, Young Edna is a lot better than Old Edna. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Back to the Future: Let’s age the cleanser by using the time machine.