8 Apr One of the many features improved in Bluebeam Revu 12 was the “Reduce slider interface allowing you to scale compression and file quality. 16 Apr I used Blue Beam Revu software to reduce the file size, it take it down . images like JPGs in a PDF, they’re not going to compress much at all. Just a warning to Engineering users of Bluebeam. To recap, the reported issue was caused by data compression when reducing file size.

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Solutions A few users have reported performance issues after upgrading to Revu oror after installing Windows Updates.

December 9, at 9: If you as Bluebeamers and AutoDesk customers want it, you need to demand it. There is also a Batch version of Reduce File Size. In the toolchest, drag it to My Tools or the tool set of your choice [Optional] Change bluebeam compress properties to your bluebeam compress liking color, fill, check the autosize, etc.

Copmress you liked this tip you might bluebeamm like: In bluebeam compress construction profile, open the left panel. In addition, enable or disable any of the following global image settings: Move the slider bar to the desired setting.

This tool works by compressing bitmap images and removing non-visible document data. If you have time, here are more right click tips: Bluebeam compress unique line styles have you created? You can also combine them all into a single PDF simultaneously.

Tips for improving performance in Revu and – Bluebeam Technical Support

Screenshot for b,uebeam who need the help: Is there a setting bluebeam compress this? This bluebeam compress help us identify the cause more quickly. What other tools or stamps have you created that arebig time savers? If you have selected all the files and options you want, click Create File to complete bluebeam compress conversion to PDF.


This is set to avoid any conflict between keyboard shortcuts and typing in the form field.

Bluebeam compress you create the PDF with the email address in it or did someone else? Enter your bluebeam compress address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts xompress email. Check with your IT department, or follow these instructions from Microsoft to upgrade your Operating System:.

Keeping bluebeam compress thumbnails can be helpful on bluebeam compress iPad. Note that not all tablet devices support pressure bluebeam compress. Revu 12 is only supported in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Another way to do this would be to create a custom stamp.

Click General on the left side. Follow these steps to make File conversion to PDF a breeze: November 21, at 7: Click Additional power settings at the bottom, which will open the Power Options in the Control Panel.

The general effects of selecting an option for example, the number of bytes that would be removed from the file or the number of images that would be affected is shown immediately bluebeam compress its right; if nothing is shown, that type of data is not present and enabling the option would have no effect.

Bluebeam Revu Tip: Email or Script to Send to File Folder

Now copy the email address it generates and use it to email documents directly to Box from inside Bluebeam Bluebeam compress Standard. Be careful in your tool creation as you can choose document or page for sequencing. Miscellaneous Enable any bluebeam compress the following options, as desired.


Compression is based on wavelet technology and creates compressed images that generally look better than a JPEG file; the compression mechanism is more bluebeam compress, however, and therefore requires more computing power to display.

Select a previously bleubeam custom configuration set from the Edit Preset menu and click OKthen proceed to step bluebeam compress below. The Wait for completion Rendering Style disables partial redrawing of the display.

Carol’s Construction Technology Blog

The view menu looks like this Presentation Mode settings have options for Auto advance, loop after last page, background color choices and even offers page transitions dissolve, zoom, split, fade, etc. Open the PDF to be reduced. Then follow these steps: With the ability to bluebeam compress images, and use layers like we shared in our earlier blog post architectural illustration to toggle different element on or off.

BluebeamBluebeam Revu TricksBluebeam TipsHandwriting to TextPen tool add a comment The Pen tool is often used on tablets to make notations as it is much bluebeam compress than keyboard input when walking bluebeam compress jobsite.