L’art de la déstabilisation psycho cognitive-Thomas BONNECARRERE. Enviado por. Thomas BONNECARRERE. Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini. L’art de la déstabilisation psycho cognitive-Thomas BONNECARRERE. Cargado por. Thomas BONNECARRERE. Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini. Cours de Cartomagie Tome1_ Alex. Uploaded by. Simon Moreau · Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini. Uploaded by. Richard Lefebvre · Tissot – Tour de.

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Twist Till It Hurts. Aces turn face up, one Ace changes back color Pelkey, Francis: Now if you consider the effect without the Elmsley count.

Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini

Credit Aces marketed effect. I’m rechecking my notes on Triumph at the moment, Cartomagi would appreciate if you could PM me the references of the work you did on this effect so that when I release a list, we do not find ourselves in the same situation. This page was created in 0. Some have to be created.

You have similar effects without the Elmsley count like Pinnaple Twist which pre-date Vernon and Marlo Finally you can consider that Twisting the aces is just a self reversing card effect reduced down to four cards: Hartman’s Clean Up and Reverse: Finally, each ace has a different back design and color – four different colored backs and everything can be handed out.

It is possible to get Bicycle cards with different backs by buying an effect called Strangers Gallery.


Apr 17, French Twists by Richard Vollmer is a very nice version where the aces turn face up, first one by one, then two by two before three turn at once.

The presentation is the most important part in this routine. Some of these ideas are already there waiting to be dug out. Thanks for an enormous amount of information. The aces one by one turn face-up while the four aces are merely shown and counted.


It cannot be Marlo as such if you consider the effect as an only four cards counted as four effect for Alex Elmsley wrote about his count to Vernon before releasing it and Vernon invented Twisting the Aces at about the same time when Alex Impomptue released his count. But that’s an oversimplified statement.

The kings turn face down one by one, and then magically trade places with the four face down aces; p 11 Omni Twist Collectors: The Commercial Magic Of J. Naturally I’ve already completed the list. After “Reformation”, this is Guy Hollingworth’s most brilliant creation. Wait there caetomagie only four cards.

[PDF] Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini – Free Download PDF

Comes complete with poker-size Bicycle cards and photo-illustrated instructions York, Scotty: Epoptica Yearbook issue by Jeff Busby, p H.

Mar 25, 3: Other than that the only other vesion I’ve used over the years constantly has been Larry West’s. The aces visibly turn face up while at the fingertips. Mar 21, Wagner and Allan Ackerman -A ‘moveless’ twisting-the-aces is performed, each ace magically turning face-up. I like to keep a free spirit and search a little more than just thinking that this or that magician invented something definitive and that he was the first one. Wesley James Thank you Wesley, sorry to have missed these references.

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NickDiffatte New user 25 Posts. Mar 28, Magic is the art of proving impossible things in parallel dimensions that can’t be reached.

One more vote for Vernon. Silvio Regular user Posts. It offers a very nice adaptation of the Atfus move that Wesley calls the Spread Atfus. The first ace is placed on the table and he tries a second time.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Best routine in print for Twisting the Aces?

Apr 2, Many convincers and subtleties have been incorporated into this routine that elevates imlromptue into the miracle class Ortiz, Darwin. Imlromptue 27, The magician magically changes the four cards in his hands into a single ace of spades, but it also has a red back. I would think yes, and this is the one I use, but would like to know He displays a four-card poker hand of blue-backed cards.

Third phase of a 7 pages illustrated routine.