Competencias, Indicadores de Logros, Contenidos. Interpersonal communication . 1. Generates conversations to exchange specific information. Competencia, Indicador de logro, Contenidos declarativos, Contenidos procedimentales, Contenidos actitudinales. 1. Engages in. CNB Nivel Diversificado ¿Qué es nivel Diversificado? 1. Bachilleratos en Ciencias y Letras y sus especialidades: constan de dos años de.

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Writing with exact spelling. Using culturally acceptable sign language. Answers questions, posed both orally and written.

Creating imaginative meetings and forums related to international and national interesting topics including scientific topics. Taking care of agreement when talking or writing. Inicial y Preprimaria Inicial Preprimaria.

Bulding active, passive, command, question, and other sentences following syntactic rules. Producing greeting expressions with appropriate intonation when peerito people or responding greetings.

Uses accurate grammar and spelling when reading or writing. La luz que vuelve.

Using auxiliary verbs according to different tenses. Asking for instructions and data. Produces oral or written texts based in previous authors or scientific readings with proper vocabulary and grammar structures 2. Gets information from authors and scientific readings. Understanding meaning of idioms and slangs in advertisements and songs.

Subárea de Comunicación y Lenguaje L3 (Inglés) – Cuarto Grado – CNB

Assesment criteria are intended to guide teachers to aspects that they have to take into account to determine level and kind of learning the students reached in every teaching process moments according to competences settled in the curriculum. Enn appropriate tense when talking about dreams, desires and daily matters. Presenting essays and reports about scientific topics.


Identifying symbols and signs on advertisements and written materials. The language practice and skill development activities have been designed to involve students in all aspects of the contents, making them active participants in the learning process. Making comparison, including differentiation, sorting and classifying items. Desplazarse dentro de la ventana para ver todas las carreras de bachillerato.

Coaching para el liderazgo educativo. Using past tense inflections to tell stories or past events. Watching TV programs, reading newspapers and brochures to compare with his culture.

Using skills for listening and speaking with classmates, teachers and community members who speak English. Identifying important persons from the past and present and their contributions to the target culture.

Xkab’ raqal (Vocabulario)

Brief history of England and the USA. Performing short speeches and popular songs. Interprets literal and figurative meaning of words and metaphors in oral presentations and fe texts. Making inferences from simple oral or written passages. Expressing feelings and emotions with each other orally and written. Giving or thanking a compliment following the right structure model of spoken language. Identifies the fine print in ads, comparing products and making polite requests.

Writing stories, speeches, reports and short essays with a varied vocabulary. Understanding words in context and other visual or auditory cues: Uses culturally acceptable vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and gestures. Creating English clubs to discuss about literature or familiar matters.


Transforming literal into figurative meaning in brief texts. Talking about ongoing activities. Arguing about scientific cnbb orally and written. Nuestro idioma en la escuela Este manual incluye actividades y ejercicios para que los maestros y alumnos de la escuela primaria tengan un auxiliar de trabajo para practicar los idiomas mayas, tanto dentro como fuera del aula y en coontador oral o escrita.

Sentence base to form complete sentences. Making creative personal cards to invite, celebrate, congratulate, etc. Nuevo Ahora incluye el calendario maya.

Xwaq raqal (Expresión dinámica) – CNB

En los grados iniciales, aprender la lectoescritura es esencial y deber ser en el idioma materno del estudiante. Makes daily journal entries in short writings. Recognizing and using gestures, manners, behaviors, greetings, and idiomatic expressions. Organizing cultural activities according to Anglo-American holidays and meaningful dates St Patrick, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving Day, among others.

Using prepositions of locations. Applying syntactic knowledge to understand readings. Indicadores de Logros Contenidos Interpersonal communication 1. Dealing correctly when use pronouns, verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs in written and oral situations.