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Buy DIN FURNITURE – DESIGNATIONS AND THEIR USE from SAI Global. Language: German. Written by: DIN. International title: Furniture – Designations and their use. Article no: STD Edition: Approved: 4/1/ DIN – Amendments. Replaces DIN Loading recommended items Loading recommended items Loading recommended.

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From this, tanners developed a sophisticated tanning process which made a long-lasting and durable end product from hides and skins. Technical Resources Instruction Manuals. Get a quote for certification of systems, products or services, and get certified. Test yourself or your business online. Chrome III is harmless and occurs in many food sources.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. It also has a technical advantage over alternative materials.

These are not laws. At the end of the 19th century chrome tanning was discovered. An exception in a lot of countries are the words describing imitation leather. The surfaces of 68871 objects relevant to their use must consist predominantly of genuine leatheror may otherwise not be so described.

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Destruel Date of publication: The material declaration must be easy to understand to all and easy to find. Leather was also used for tent wallskayak boat wallsthongsbelts or leather vessels. Today tanners offer endless types of fin with different leather surfaces and colours. Leather can be manufactured and processed in a wide spectrum of varieties.


Leather is incredibly diverse.

The tanning process prevents the decay of animal skin. DIN April The most common kind of tanning is chrome tanning.

Steep Taper (DIN 69871) Gauge Retention Knobs

But this material does not have the benefits of leather and is forbidden to be sold as “leather”. An extreme example of false declaration. Different countries have different norms, standards, regulations and terms to define leather and leather types. Nowadays, most leather is made from the animals we eat. Inexpensive furniture is often dkn with coated split leather or imitation leather 6871 outside surfaces and the contact areas backs, seats, armrests and armrest insides are processed with grain leather.

At some point someone must have discovered that, when animal skin was soaked in water for a long time with plant residuesit absorbed the 6871 tannins from the residues and converted the skin to resistant leather. These materials are then advertised as “leather-like” and supported by numerous arguments. Please leave your contact information if you would like a response.


Steep Taper (DIN) 50 Retention Knobs

Machine Tool Taper Identification. Leather from modern production is beautiful, durable and safe and, contrary to many prejudices, does not pollute the environment! Leather has an insulating effect. The tannins prevent the decay of the hide substance and oils, fats and moisture make the leather supple.

Provide feedback or ask a quick question about this item. Therefore, always get confirmation of the material description in the invoice! Caution the offer 1 user is reserved for a single user, any broadcast even within his company is prohibited.

Leather has accompanied mankind throughout history. Imitation leather with leather fibres glued to the reverse, but at first glance it looks like real leather. Genuine leather and artificial leather are different materials, where leather is the higher quality material. DIN EN only allows the term “split leather”.

Suedenubuckbuckskinanilinesemi-anilinepigmented leatherfull graincorrected grainbycastgreased leather, waxed leather, oiled leatherfur and a lot more. It cannot be declared as ” Coated Leather “. Types of smooth leather.