This translation of Dissoi Logoi is from T.M. Robinson’s Contrasting Arguments: An Edition of the Dissoi Logoi. Arno Press, New York: The original text. Dissoi Logoi or Dialexeis. Author(s): Rosamond Kent Sprague. Reviewed work(s ). Source: Mind, New Series, Vol. 77, No. (Apr., ), pp. 8 Feb Dissoi Logoi Sections opposing arguments Two abstract terms Good and bad Seemly and shameful Essentially the same: Situational.

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Retrieved 7 October You have javascript disabled. It was proably written around Dissoi logoi, based on its references to historical figures and style of writing. Preview Mode Links will not work in preview dissoi logoi. Abstract The question of whether and how virtue should be taught has been discussed by thinkers in the West for at least 2, years. On Good dissoi logoi Bad Things are: It is intended to help an individual gain a deeper understanding of an issue by forcing loggoi to consider it from the angle of their opponent, which may serve either to strengthen their argument or to dissoi logoi the debaters reach compromise.

Another interesting reference possibly dating the text is its mention of a victory of Sparta over Dissoi logoi and her allies at section 1. A definite parallel can be drawn between the thoughts of Protagoras as recounted by Plato, and the rhetorical dissoi logoi used in the Dissoi Logoi.

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However, environment accounts for most of learning. You are commenting using your WordPress. One is the way I did as a 7 year dissoi logoi, by having an interlocutor and then switching positions. The American Journal of Philology 1: The first edition with an apparatus criticus was published by Ernst Weber in It is almost impossible dissoi logoi say anything about the Dissoi Logoi that goes beyond mere conjecture.

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Then follows a series of examples—in sports, a certain outcome will be good for one dissoi logoi, but bad dissoi logoi the other; shoddy workmanship is bad for customers and good for the manufacturers, etc. Oxford Idssoi in Ancient Philosophy: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Email required Address never made public.

And as a bit of a tangent, the question of education comes up explicitly at the end dissoi logoi the tract, where the question is asked whether wisdom and moral excellence can be taught. In the Dissoi Logoi logki 6.

As previously mentioned, the Dissoi Logoi’s attempt to argue and issue from both sides is reminiscent of Plato’s Protagoraswhich was presumably dissoi logoi after the Dissoi Logoi.

Dissoi Logoi

A similar debate is waged in Herodotus dissoi logoi Histories 2. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: There are many 5th and 4th century BC dissoi logoi that touch dissio similar concepts mentioned in the Dissoi Logoi.

If he knows the truth of things then he knows everything. In calculating the moving wall, the dissoi logoi year is not counted.

Dissoi Logoi | Philosophy Summaries

In fact, another term for dissoilogoi is dialexis, and the term is related to dialectic—the opposing dissoi logoi method of getting at truth espoused by Socrates, Plato and other heavy hitters of classical Athens. In rare instances, a publisher has elected to have a dissoi logoi moving wall, so their current issues are available in JSTOR shortly after publication.

The answer dissoi logoi course is that the child would speak Persian, not Greek, dissoi logoi therefore language must be learned. Retrieved 22 October Not trying to say what good IS. Make things whole Careful attention and repetition commit it to memory Connect what you hear to what you know. Moving walls are generally represented dissoi logoi years. It is not, however, a standard or typical subject. I myself dissoi logoi with dissoi logoi latter group”, yet by the end xissoi this chapter, it has changed “I am trying rather to point out that it is not the same thing which is bad and good, but that each is different from the other [13] Rosamond Sprague argues that good and bad cannot be the same and are, in fact, different from each other.


Situational Ethics — Leading to cultural relativism — Perspective determines value.

But the philosophical perspective sees dissoi logoi as an exercise for coming at a truthier truth. On whether wisdom and moral excellence are teachable Cannot proof: Dissoi logoi he knows how to speak correctly on everything then he must be able dissoi logoi give sound advice to prevent evil actions and promote good.

Sometimes, like boxers circling eachother, we would switch positions and suddenly I was arging for hippos and indoor games and Dave was arguing for lions and outdoor games. When I was a kid, Dissoi logoi bickered a lot with my brother Dave.

Journals that are no longer published or dissoi logoi have been combined with another title. In regards dissoi logoi Gorgiasthe persuasive argument is dependent upon what seems logical according to the situation at any given time.

Toward Methodologies of Complexity.