In-game: Drow from the city of Menzoberranzan are raised in a world of lies and treachery. The noble houses of these dark elves are in. Drizzt: Drizzt is the famous violet-eyed drow ranger of Icewind Dale and Mithral Hall. Son of Malice, he was raised in Menzoberranzan and taught swordplay by. Menzoberranzan The Famed City of the Drow, Revealed At Last! [R. A. Salvatore] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three books in this.

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Within the last century, this pattern seems to have accelerated. Starless Night would be another particularly good book to reference, as it’s specifically got surface dwellers making their way into, interacting within, and getting out of Menzoberranzan.

She menzoberrwnzan slender and deceptively small, and she had a reputation for taking any man in her house that she wanted to pleasure her, even commoners.

Drizzt is the famous violet-eyed drow menzoberrqnzan of Icewind Dale and Mithral Hall. Conan Chronicles 2 – The Zamorian Chronicles. Post as a guest Name. He rejected the cruel teachings of Lolth and the wicked drow of his home city and made his way to the surface world through the Underdark, befriending many along the way.

If I might add to it from even earlier sources: My campaign is taking us to Menzoberranzan, but I don’t really know how to describe it, or shops, or houses there. The article is available for viewing in its original state from the Forgotten Realms area on the WotC site: Email Required, but never shown. In 2nd Ed there was a whole boxed set: She was hated by Matron Baenre and was sent to the Abyss after the Time of Troubles to be tortured eternally for blaspheming Lolth.

By the wishes of Lady Lolth, she led seven drow families into the Northdark from the southerly drow holdings of Great Bhaerynden. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


For strict 5E material, you should stick to Momonga-sama’s answer. Islands of the Undead Legion. Liriel is the daughter of Gromph and a minor female noble of house Vandree. An older student at Melee-Magthere and member of house Srune’lett, Dargathan was Liriel’s sword-trainer at Arach-Tinilith the cleric academy in Menzoberranzan. Shakti, a priestess of Lolth, is being emnzoberranzan by Vhaeraun.

Menzoberranzan Renegade

House Menzobrranzan, however, was gifted in the rare art of psionics and seized upon this opportunity to strike at the other Houses. Kelnozz is a commoner in service to house Kenafin. Merith is a commoner’s daughter adopted into house Baenre because of her priestly talent. Due to a glitch the icons for these tattoos only show up when the male “face 06 – young” or female “face 01 – young” head options are selected.

You can easily purchase well-trained slaves, fungi, molds and exotic creatures for food even ones imported from the surfacepoisons, potions, oils and elixirs, jewelry, perfumes and silk. It is ruled by a council of matrons from the eight greatest noble houses; the most powerful House in the city is House Baenreuntil recently led by Matron Yvonnel Baenre—a drow cleric who was the single most powerful political figure in Menzoberranzan for about menzobereanzan thousand years.

Menzoberranzan was caught menzoberranzam a magic dead zone, so magic did not work there. A separate council of mages deals menziberranzan affairs of the arcane—but as its members are all male, it is wholly within the grip of the matrons.

Menzoberranzan Drow Portrait Packs

Views Read Edit View history. She was the closest friend in drow terms of matron mother Ghenni’tiroth Tlabbar, and she was pleased when K’yorl Odran her friend’s slayer was slain as punishment. Ginafae was a matron mother of house DeVir. Nearsighted for most of her life, menozberranzan was recently cured by unholy power of the two deities she serves. Elderboy of house Do’Urden and son of Malice, Nalfein was killed by his brother Dinin during the house’s attack on house DeVir, which elevated Dinin from secondboy to elderboy and also allowed the just-born Drizzt to live.


This racial choice is distinct from Drow which was released free to all players with the launch of Fury of the Feywild. The drow thought that she herself had restored all magic, but that is not true.

Tales of Arterra – The Lost. There is a 4th edition book on the city specifically, though, with a poster map. Because of his lack of faith in his half-sister Vierna and her renewed fervor for the spider goddess Lolth, she turned him into a drider, menzoberrsnzan he was later slain by Drizzt.

His appearance is unremarkable except for his amber-colored eyes. I’ve been googling and searching all morning but I can’t find more menzoberraznan the wikis.

Menzoberranzan – Wikipedia

Each year, in order to establish a hierarchy within the class, the Grand Melee is held. I seem to remember Drow using levitate abilities to gain access to buildings, but that was a long time ago, so I could be way off. The question is asking about Menzoberranzan in 5th edition, as opposed to previous lore.

He kept his inner, nonevil self secret from those around him, and he is responsible for Drizzt’s training and temperament. Pierce Galactic 11 1. He was killed by an exploding wand during his attack on Drizzt and Guenhwyvar. In game a Menzoberranzan Renegade has available to it a distinct set of tattoos labeled “Renegade 01” through “Renegade 06”. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.