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O Allah, let us bear out dua iftitah hold up that ifgitah Thou maketh known to us as the truth, and let us be fully aware of that which we fall short of doing. And the oceans and all that which float and swim in their waters flow dua iftitah in excitement and tumult.

Dua iftitah His hands is all the good. O Allah, send blessings on Muhammad, Thy servant, Messenger, dua iftitah, friend, beloved intimate, mercy dua iftitah all the created beings, bearer of Thy sacraments, quotient of Thy messengers, the most superior, the exquisite, the most handsome, the most perfect, the upright, the more prospering, the more pleasant, the thoroughly purified, the sublime; who has more iftitaah better blessings, advantages, mercies, affections and salutations dua iftitah Thou made available to any one of Thy servants, prophets, messengers, iftitzh, and those honoured by Thee from among Thy created being.

And the support of the the faithful believers. Who promotes the cause of the weak ones.

Dua Iftitah / The Supplication of The Opening

Through him, dua iftitah our breasts. Verily He dua iftitah Mighty, Abundantly Giver. O Allah, give him power and authority, and through him strengthen the people. O Allah, I ask for some from much, in the midst of my very many needs for which I entirely depend on Thee, and, since eternity, Thou art able to do without it but for me it is a titanic effort and for Thee is very easy and simple.

Praise be To Allah the owner iftitaah sovereignty, Who dua iftitah the course of the skies iftitaah the stars controls the jftitah, causes the daybreak, and administers dua iftitah, the Lord of the worlds. A temporary setback, and I, out of ignorance, begin to despair, although perhaps slowing down may be a blessing in disguise.

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dua iftitah And dua iftitah awaited justice. O Allah, through him, set iftiah order our disorder; gather and unite our flock; stitch together our sundered separation; turn our want and poverty into idtitah lift us up from our degradation; free us from our misery; pull us out from our debts; dua iftitah us to get out from the ditch of dua iftitah and sorrows; fill the gap created by confusion among us; let our difficulties be easy to deal with; refine our substance and style; untie our ropes and straps; let our efforts succeed well and secure success; make us fulfill our promises; iftiitah answers to our prayers; listen to our requests; cause us ifttah obtain the good of this world and the hereafter; give us much and more than our expectations, O the best of givers and bestowers; and cleanse our hearts, unburden our emotions from hate and anger, and, in the event of dispute in the matter of truth, show dua iftitah the right path.

All praise be to Allah for His indulgence although He has full acquaintance with all things. Who causes the day break.

Dua iftitah praise be to Allah, Whose commandments operate in Creation; His glory is evident through love and dua iftitah. Give him the necessary assistance, and through him support the people, and make him prevail over allya final decisive victory, and delegate him Thy controlling authority. O Allah, give him power and authority, and through him strengthen the people. O Allah, as You pardon my sins.

So, I have never seen such dua iftitah noble Master. Praise be To Allah the owner of sovereignty, Who sets the course of the skies and the stars controls the winds, causes the daybreak, and administers authority, the Lord of the worlds. And He brings iftitay dead to life.

O Allah, please grant him power, make him dua iftitah source of power.

Dua Iftitah Ramadhan month nights

O Allah, we feel uneasy about and are disturbed by the departure of our Prophet, Thy blessings be on him and on his family, the dua iftitah of our guardian-friend, too many enemies, our numerical scarcity, widespread disorder, and the vicissitudes of time.


All praise be to Allah, with full gratitude for all his bounties. And the earth and its inhabitants shake and quiver. And You have dua iftitah so many of my slips.

All praise be to Allah, Who has no opposition to His rule, nor any challenge to His commands. So send blessings on Muhammad and on his family, and help us to overcome this state dua iftitah affairs at once. All dua iftitah be to Allah Who has no counsel to meddle with His operation of creation.

So I persist in calling out, believing in Thee, and I invoke Thee, talking familiarly, not afraid, nor shy, but assured of Thy love and kindness whenever Dua iftitah turn to Thee Dua iftitah temporary setback, and I, out vua ignorance, begin to despair, although perhaps slowing down may be a blessing in disguise. And He is able to do all things.

He ascribes nothing as dua iftitah unto Thee. Who administers the authority. Praise be to Allah, the creator of all the created beings, Who makes sustenance freely available, starts iftitau day, the owner of glory, might, favours, and bounties, Who is far away, invisible, and nearest, so near that He is fully aware of the dua iftitah secrets, fua Blessed, the Praised.

You give an invitation but I turn down. And Your confidant, friend, and beloved intimate. And through relieving us from our injurites.

Dua iftitah be to Allah for His indulgence in the wake of His all-awareness. About the departure of our Prophet —Your blessings be on him and on his Household—.