The Networking Architecture of BlazeDS BlazeDS provides a clean separation of the Selection from Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex [Book]. In this example I am going to use Spring+BlazeDS integration API for integrating backend Spring based J2EE layer into client layer Flex. So the User Interface is produced using Flex and to take care of the remoting we can use BlazeDS which is Open Source from Adobe. BlazeDS.

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Blazedx last step is to display the Regions in a grid and the Countries in a second grid. January 19, at enterpries Configurable enterorise application that can be clustered and used in cases that desire a higher than normal performance.

This Session Bean will return the Region and its Countries. Server startup in ms. Workload distribution Distributing work optimally between a client and its server is an important challenge when architecting F,ex.

This file is the main BlazeDS configuration, and it’s used to define the channels, the factories in this case the EJB factoryand the other BlazeDS configuration files. It attempts to illustrate some of the most important features of the software and therefore acts as a starting point for developers who are interested in the subject. The information is supplied in file named remoting-config. This Refcard provides a quick overview of BlazeDS. The top level and the first of these four is services-config.

It enables remote procedure calls and message exchanges between the two platforms thereby helping couple together rich and engaging Flash platform based interfaces and robust enterprise servers.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. After setting up the server-side wuth, you’ll create a Flex application in Flash Builder 4 that calls the EJB Session Bean method and displays the regions and countries in a grid.


Configuring the J2EE server for the project. The dsadapters project http: Remoting and messaging program that can be extended by using its Java API.

BlazeDS based message services leverage two types of built-in adapters, namely: Using BlazeDS’s demoting you witu enabled with automatic translation between the Java and ActionScript3 AS3 data types, marshaling, un-marshalling, serialization and deserialization across the endpoints and channels. The following sections include a few more in context configuration illustrations.

The Networking Architecture of BlazeDS – Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex [Book]

Its inclusion into future versions of BlazeDS is anticipated. For example a service class configured as a Spring Bean as follows: Messaging systems involve two typical messaging domains: Make a note of the Context Root; you’ll need it for the Flash Builder project.

Now all the configuration lavel part is done and move to Class lavel coding. In addition, one of fex binary versions comes in the form of a turnkey distribution that includes a configured copy of the Apache Tomcat Servlet container within the bundle.

Getting Started with BlazeDS

Hope this information is helpful to you. With nlazeds definition of BlazeDS firmly in place, it’s worthwhile to explore Flex client and Java server integration in the larger context of combining the two platforms. Resource Pooling Many of these external systems and libraries, such as messaging infrastructure, database connections and stateless business services, lend themselves to pooling.

Translation of AS3 objects sent by a Flex application to corresponding Java objects for passing them in as method call arguments. It really helps developer to focus on only business fex of application and forget about backend server level configuration. In this example I am fetching the list of country for Flex client layer. Just have a look on this class.


Spring + BlazeDS Integration API for Flex based Enterprise Apps | ravigeek

The JPA and Hibernate proxies are replaced with the data that they stand in place of. Your xsd blaxeds version need to be supported by your Spring framework.

This file is the WebLogic application deployment descriptor and contains the shared libraries references. Configuring JPA project settings. Data Wirh Optimization AMF3 facilitates a very efficient way of binary transmission of data between the server and the client.

The BlazeDS endpoints are Servlet-based endpoints. This channel opens an HTTP connection between the server and client, over which the server sends an unending response of messages. We just have to write a one single Spring annotation tag in class and need to provide a remoting vlex channel information. February 27, at Configuring the Session Bean. Some of these are in-built, and some can be obtained from open source projects or can be custom built.

My Helloworld sample version 1 uses a simple java class on fleex server side. The configuration file services-config. Besides, remoting the Spring messaging and security benefits also get extended to Flex applications. On endpoints fllex support translation and serialization between AS3 and Java or even web servicesa serialization filter is defined to intercept calls to the endpoint.

Endpoints reside at the BlazeDS end. If you encounter problems, you can check your source code against the HrFlexApp. Hi Ravi, I am looking for security, with springs and blazeds, which will connect to database and validate the user and password and maintains the session.