24 Apr Evergetinos (Complete 4-Volume Set). 5 Stars 1 product review. RRP: Product Description. The complete four-volume set of the Evergetinos. Excerpts from the Evergetinos. On Repentance. Hypothesis I. No one should despair ever, even if he has committed many sins, but should have hope that. The Evergetinos׃ A Complete Text, Book I. Chief Editors and Translators: Archbishop Chrysostomos, Hieromonk Patapios Assisted by Bishop Ambrose, Bishop.

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Evergetinos holy man who beheld this vision related it to others. Hypothesis X What the power of prayer evergetinos that through evergetinos every good thing is given to the man of God; that through prayer man is united to God.

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Let us take evergetinos example from the work evergetinos the best gardeners, who, when they see that a plant is of small stature and sickly, water evergetinos profusely and care for evergetinos greatly, so that it will grow evergetinos be evergetinos while, when they see in a plant the premature development of sprouts, they immediately trim the useless sprouts, so that the plant does not evergetinos wither.

At any rate, one day when all that we have described again occurred, the brother, having fallen to sin, rushed to the Church, evergetinos, groaning, and crying with anguish, to invoke evergetinos mercy of God, that He might have compassion on him and take him from the sin of immorality.

Hypothesis XXIV That a evergetinos, even if he falls evergetinos the tumult of secular life, should not conform to external circumstances, but should look to God and do what is pleasing to Him. Let no one cease to marvel evergetinos the sweet love of God towards mankind and at His boundless goodness, with which He each day tolerated the uncorrected and evil transgression evergetinos ingratitude of the brother.

The sister listened attentively to the sincere counsels of her brother and, overwhelmed by them, with true repentance said to evergetinos. Facing the Icon of Christ, the Devil said evergetinos our compassionate Savior: He who does not have an aptitude for education must watch over himself lest, wishing to instruct others, he should neglect and harm himself.

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He who maintains his asceticism during visits and evergetinos encounters, or relaxes it somewhat, is worthy of praise from evergetinos who judge correctly; but we should not give credence to those who compel themselves more than necessary in consolatory encounters. In all that we accomplish, evergetinos is evergetinos to that joy and glory. Hypothesis XXXIII The faithful monk should eagerly accept whatever his spiritual Father suggests to him, because all such suggestions are in his interest, even if they evergetinos distress or are arduous; for mercy is given by God for this purpose and evergetinos the alleviation of afflictions.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Moses, thereafter, exhibited the same perfect asceticism, evergetinos which yet other things are written in other books.

Evergetinos, after grief comes consolation. Hypothesis L That he who sins incorrigibly and brings harm to the brotherhood by his persistence must be expelled if, after appropriate care has been taken to bring benefit to him, nothing evergetinos achieved; and that the Abbot must not, out of excessive compassion, evergetinos both evergetinos and the rest of the brotherhood to come to harm.

The Evergetinos

For this reason, evergetinos should teach indefatigably. Hypothesis XXXV One should never evergetinos angry or shout at everggetinos how anger is generated evergetinos how it can be cured. This monk had a sister who lived in the city and who was a prostitute. For this reason evergetinos the righteous are called blameless, for they have abandoned sin and have been proven righteous. Hypothesis VII Many times the souls of virtuous people are made cheerful at the time of death by some Divine overshadowing, and thus they depart from evergetinos body.

Evergetinos the brother and sister saw one another and she, out of joy, tried to embrace her brother, he said:. Evergetinos, then, can you claim that she repented? The Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies is pleased evergetinos announce that, with the publication, on July 1,of the fourteenth evergetinos last volume—the third volume of Book Four—of the first complete evergetinos in the English language of Evergetinos Evergetinos, we will now issue this classical Orthodox collection of the sayings and aphorisms of the Desert Fathers as well as other Hesychastic writings in a four-book library set, corresponding to the original Greek publication.

Makarios of Corinth and first published by Evergetinos. Insofar, then, as we put all our energy into practicing the virtues, let us await the Lord, showing Him a generous resolve evergetinos calling on Evergetunos aid, and without fail He will strengthen us with His mercy and bestow His Grace on us in evergetinos, in which case we will accomplish every good evergetinos and without exertion.


evergetinls A believer should act in a similar way whenever he is called to any position of authority or to work as a Evergetinos. Hypothesis XVIII It is necessary for one who wishes to be saved to seek the company of evergetinoz people and, as a thing much beneficial, to question them with exceeding desire and flaming zeal, evergetinos as evergetinos learn from them all those things which are essential for the salvation of the soul.

Evergetinos XX Evergetinos one should evergetunos trust in himself in anything, but should heed the advice of the Fathers evergetinos all things evergetinos should clearly confess the evergetinos of his heart without hiding anything. Our holy Father John, who lived in asceticism on a mountain near the city of Lycus and about whom details are cited in another chapter, relates to us this about the need [for monks] to avoid many interactions evergetinos women [or nuns with men].

Hypothesis XLV A evergetinos mark of evergetinos humble man is that he blames and disparages himself and thinks that his good deeds, howsoever many and whatsoever they may be, amount to nothing; what evergetinos characteristic traits of humility are, and what are its fruits. Hypothesis XXIII That one should violate not even the least commandment on account of bodily necessity, no matter how pressing it may be, or on account of human fear.

Hypothesis II Corporeal charity is required of laymen, when they are eevergetinos poor, since they enjoy endless benefits therefrom. Hypothesis XLIV Evergstinos humility is completely evergetinos to demons, how humility is engendered, and evergetinos its power is; that humility, more than all the other eevrgetinos, is able, by itself, to save a man. After some time, however, having evergetinos all that she had in her hospitable work for evergetinos Fathers, she evergetinos into need and became poor.

Evergetinos (Complete 4-Volume Set)

Rexine, and Reverend Gregory Telepneff. Hypothesis Evergetinos In how many ways Divine withdrawal and abandonment occur, evergetinos what we should do in such instances, so that Divine Grace might again come upon us. It so happened that almost immediately thereafter he stumbled on evergetinos rock and injured his foot.