A review of some of the most popular Fontainebleau bouldering guidebooks available, to help inspire you to choose the right one for your trip. Get all the necessary information for a successful trip to Fontainebleau. Fontainebleau. France. Buy topo. Info; Map; Topo; Photos; Stories; Travel info; Get topo Fontainebleau is the most popular bouldering destination in the world and a. 5 + 6 Fontainebleau Bouldering Guidebook (topo) details the location of thousands of medium to difficult straight up boulder problems that are graded between.

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Hotels One of the cheapest accommodation option is the hotelF1.

Also the weather might have some say in this, so keep a close eye on the forecast. Full climbing guide on rebranded site. Conditions and Weather Good conditions make a massive difference. Upload a photo of area. Vol 1 by Jackt Godoffe. This is the only guide I use. The purple guide is a good ‘overview’ book and I find it to be fairly easy to get on with.

Colour is used to indicate the difficulty of the circuit, and each problem within that circuit will be numbered. I take at least 4 days off before the trip. Documents over problems in the northern areas of Font.

In reply to SeanB: Isatis mellow Apremont amazing place but properly huge, maybe not for a first day out as easy to get lost Oh, look out for the wild boar here aswell Get into the habit of taking your shoes off between problems, bring a pair of comfy shoes particularly if you are planning on doing circuits and try not to get any sand in your shoes as it will destroy your feet.

Very handy guide, focuses on the best problems in the best areas. Description The holy grail of bouldering. Doug on 21 Feb If you want to experience all that Font has to offer a car is recommended – there is a fair distance between areas and it will help with all your mats and gear. The Jingo-Wobbly guide has it’s own style, but its probably better for the lower grades.


Return to rock climbing in Fontainebleau. A table alongside this map gives the problem number, its name and grade, along with additional comments if appropriate such as sit start. Although if you’re looking for a particular problem you’ll probably vouldering a guide as well.

Guidebooks No other bouldering area in the world is as well documented as Font.

Country guide to climbing areas App Case Study: Consider using Antihydral cream. Other activites Activities in the Font forests include things like hiking, biking, horseback riding, running, orienteering, picnics etc. Login Forgot your login details? Whilst the content of the web site is believed to be accurate, no responsibility is accepted for any error, omissions, or mis-statement. You can log all your routes, connect and chat with other climbers and much more In the warmer months you may be seeking out the shade or a breeze again the guidebook will help.

Even though the slopers get all plaudits you will encounter many grattons tiny credit card edgesthese will test your edging ability and take some getting used to.

General information

Photos Browse all photos Upload a photo of area. Now we’re looking for a guide as the place looks bloody massive.

guidf Alex1 – on 21 Feb Several other campsites are around, but they require a car to reach the sectors. Try and park in the busiest, most visible park of the carpark.

History View historical timeline the Paris Alpin club marked the first parcours to practice techniques for the higher montains. Check out the grade comparison table on the left to get a rough idea of how the grades compare to the V system and route grades. A better alternative is the AN route. The following is a selection of the best — English language — guidebooks.


Pof a sticky dried pine resin contained in a cloth is commonly used in Font especially by the some of the older, more old-school locals.

Bouldering in Fontainebleau | Full info & Best Topos

Baton Wicks Publications 24 April Author: I find the IGN 1: Situated about 70 km South-East from Paris the climbing area consists of multiple different sectors located around the Fontainebleau village.

Directions in Google Maps. Probably the most famous area is Bas Cuvier, which for years was a forcing ground for bouldering standards. Since then, Fontainbleau has always been on the forefront of the development of bouldering. Lying a short distance south of Paris means that there are many options for getting to Font, once there you are limited to bike or car unless you happen to be staying very close to the boulders.

Activity Check out what is happening in Fontainebleau. There are plenty of holiday homes and Gites to rent, which is a good option if there is a group of you climbing. Beware the strange opening hours. Anyway the point is this, in recent years I have been more focused on surviving Font that dominating it.

My orders Gear list My details Log in. Gites are self catering accommodation and they can work out very cheap especially for large groups. One of the best and most unique things about Fontainebleau is the circuits colour coded collections of between problems of similar difficulty.

There are myriad options for flying into Paris. Central and South America.