So I’m looking for the free pdf that Black Industries put out a while ago – **not** the *Calixis Sector Encyclopedia*, which is a trimmed and. The Calixis Sector Encyclopedia – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Hire the wrong guide and you may be damned to years of squabbling. The Calixis Sector is an Imperial sector located in the Segmentum Obscurus on the Hire the wrong guide and you may be damned to years of squabbling.

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By wabbitkingAugust 10, in Dark Heresy. The most blessed among them carry the Evisceratora massive two-handed Chainswordwith which to mortify the flesh of sinners.

They ho a familiar sight in their stark grey uniforms, contrasting with the outlandish fashions of the various noble traders, and are never jostled or threatened as they go about their business. It should be sectir that, despite the governing hand of Caidin and the High Council, the Inquisitors of the Calixian Conclave are not all of the same mind.

Please note that the record of the events in the Calixis Sector’s history outlined here is by no means complete or exhaustive and offers only a snapshot of the unfolding chronicle of the Calixis Sector, as it might be made known to the Acolytes of the Inquisition.

Malfi is — and this may be the very reason that the sector rulers passed over it — a place of the most infernal intrigue. Posted January 29, edited. The warlords exchange their harvests of Ghostfire pollen with the Administratum in exchange for weapons, vehicles, fuel, clean water and other essentials. Home of the Ripper Whips.

Freshwater is very valuable on Iocanthos, and Port Suffering not only has its own supply brought down on Imperial ships, but can trade its surplus water to the warlords mainly for guarantees that the warlords will not attack the town. Thrones can also be dispersed in electronic form as payment.

The spire is constantly growing, the new estates built on the remains of the old, and so a Sibellan noble house must constantly strive to embellish its own estates to keep up. The Arbites and the Magistratum despise each other and have little interest in working together except under dire circumstances.


Most spend their time eating, commenting raffishly on various officers or staring in wonder at the captains. The Domain is famous for its brutality and medieval mindset and accidental visitors are often burned at the stake as witches for possessing such mundane items of Imperial technology as Vox buide.


Despite many purge efforts, this forested wilderness retains several pockets of Ork infestation, left over from the last invasion. The twins require an audience on the bridge at all times and lots are drawn to determine which crew members must spend a day in an area known as the watch court. Posts to torrents and other unsanctioned download guidw will not be tolerated. Thrones can also be dispersed in electronic form as payment. Gunmetal City is a huge industrial mass, built into the crater of an immense volcano, Mount Thollos, that rises from the smouldering lava calixjs of the northern coast.

A lay-tech denied access to the inner workings of the machine he operates may turn to the Logiciansan outcast splinter of the Cult Mechanicus, for knowledge otherwise forbidden to him. They’re the same thing. The general multitudes shun thhe Tricorn Palace, regarding it as a place of fear, peril and downright evil, though largely this is because the average citizen has no real grasp of the work and duties of the conclave.

A well-supplied man might last twenty days in the barrens of this harsh world. I think the relative caliixis is good discounting the Scarus relocation thing. Many believe this to be an obvious allusion to a rising of Dalixis and the Warp, though this explanation is far from universally agreed.

The nobles of Hive Sibellus, in particular, consider Ambulon to be a cultural backwater, whose nobles neglect the proper pursuits of beautifying their city and venerating their dead.

Guide to the Calixis Sector – Dark Heresy – FFG Community

The Lucid Palace, a city in its own right, stands on a massive column of rock rising from the sea just off the coast, connected to the hive by a single, cyclopean, stone processional bridge, as well as by countless smaller rope bridges and a fleet of ferries which transport strong-stomached passengers across the debris-strewn waters.

Barons and off-worlders are sometimes known to frequent the Tumble, every one of them eager to hide their identities. With its endless blizzards, widespread ignorance and antiquated methods for doing everything, Sepheris Secundus would be a meaningless backwater were it not for the enormous mineral wealth beneath its surface.

Like all Imperial territories, the Calixis Sector is at risk from the chronic dangers facing humanity: All the mining faces and many homes are below the surface, existing in eternal darkness. The Goldenhand houses a massive, infinitely complex financial market where commodities are bought and sold at a dizzying rate, and enormous amounts of money and goods change hands hourly. At least it puts Vraks in the right place Dreahans are notoriously dull, with pallid, greyish flesh and a sullen look to their faces.


The Calixis Sector is located in the Segmentum Obscuruson the northern edge of the known galaxy near the Eye of Terror, and represents a portion of the considerable territories conquered by the Imperial Lord Militant Angevin almost two thousand Terran years ago in the 39th Millennium during the Angevin Crusade.

The Shatters is the term given to the deepest, darkest, most dangerous parts of the Gorgonid, which even the barons recognise are too dangerous for serfs to work.

The means by which the serfs mine is very primitive. Regulus was an Agri-world run by the Administratum but when their Adepts were all killed by a meteor impact, the small feudal kingdoms took over the management of their world. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The sector fleet maintains a waystation on a moon in close orbit.

Swamp world, home of the infamous Stenchbeast of Strank. There are also precious shell tokens or coins of rare metals that are accepted as legal tender on all of the civilised Imperial worlds of the sector.

Though the Crusades operate independently, they all recognise the authority of one woman, the Archdeacon Ludmilla. Even the minor noble houses, those whose influence is limited to a single world, hold calixjs great deal of power over ordinary citizens.

Many is the man who has lost a fortune for his noble patrons in the Goldenhand and chosen to walk to certain death into the desert to do penance for his failures. With resources in short supply away from the hives, settlements can grow up and die out rapidly.

Calixis Sector | RollplayWH40K Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Imperial currency of the Calixis Sector and many of the surrounding regions is known as the Throne Gelt or simply the Throne. Some say it has links all the way back to Terra. Though her mind is still sound, her body is infirm and, some of the more ambitious barons say, she is losing the ruthlessness and willpower that once served her so well.