Find out all of the information about the HAGER product: digital multimeter / DIN rail / industrial SM Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get. conductor 6 mm2. Complies with IEC 60 Description. Width in I. 17,5 mm. Cat. ref. 4. Pack qty. 1. SM Characteristics. SM Digital Multimeters. British Standard Products. Hager, solutions for professionals Hager, solutions pour les particuliers. Hager Africa & Near East. Legal notices · Copyright.»».

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The EM is a panel-mount three-phase digital multimeter manufactured by Tense.

Hager Multimeter Sm001 563001

Evaluate the quality of the search results: TMS current that are entirely in autorange. It is ideal for operations that needs an inexpensive DMM with The BK Precision is a dual display multimeter. The BE50 is widely haver for a whole host of applications which are not only restricted to the testing of electrical appliances. The units can display The Online Industrial Exhibition.

This product can measure with the use of RS interface. There was a problem with your request. See the other products Triplett.

A single selector switch allows you to switch easily from range to range and function to function. Suitable for all electrical switchboards used in hagerr industrial field for instruments, motors, generators, etc. Find a nearby distributor Contact the manufacturer to get an estimate or a price Examine product characteristics and technical specifications of various top brands View PDF catalogs and other online documentation.


Bager is mainly used in electrical and electronic applications. Digital multimeter is designed to monitor the current and voltage values of the three- phase operating loads. This equipment has been designed for many diverse applications pertaining to electronic In addition to automatic detection hagee measurement parameters, it is characterized by a voltage measuring range of up to 1, V along with large measuring ranges for frequency and capacitance.

Thanks to an ergonomic design and pocket size, CMM will find a place in every tool bag and will not take much space. A is a very competitively-priced analogue multimeter designed to meet all the needs of electricians.

This makes it ideal for all types of installations, even those hayer “non-linear” loads. The testo digital multimeter gives you easier and more reliable measurement of all important electrical parameters The CMM multimeter is designed for quick diagnostics of devices and electric circuits.

See the other products Tense.


See the other products Iskra d. Industrial multimeter 75 companies products. The MD ranks among the best multimeters on the market. Measure and display more than 30 parameters of a three phase line with or without neutral. See the other products Sonel S.

Industrial multimeter – All industrial manufacturers – Videos

Non-contact voltage test Digital multifunctional measuring device with eleven The MD ranks among the most accurate multimeters with a large bandwidth and very high resolution. Subscribe to our newsletter. Thank you for subscribing. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates.

This product can sm0001 view the three phase current by transformer and voltage. They feature an ultramodern design and Your answer has been taken into account. The EMM3 Digital Multimeter is designed for all electric switchboards that are commonly used in bager industrial operations for engines, generators and other instruments.


AC voltage and current peak values are important in industrial environments. The DMM is a digital multi-meter with thermometer, manufactured by Tecpel.

With DirectIndustry you can: Also the AC voltage and the current peak values that are so very important in industrial environments are necessarily measured. See the other products Astronics Test Systems. The 28 II EX carries the most important Ex-certifications and is also tested for drops of up to 3 meters. The A is appointed with all the features you’ve experienced with the industry-leading A, Metrel MD is equipped with a built-in VFD feature that makes the instrument capable of measuring the true values Thank-you for your help.

See the other products Contrel elettronica. Suitable for almost all electrical measuring tasks Clear, illuminated display No dial, no risk: It is equipped with display for voltage in 3 phase The EMM-4L multimeter is ideal to combine the maximum easiness of operations together with advanced features.

The CMM multimeter allows you to record data thanks to the Trend Capture function of the built-in memory as well as the possibility of transferring data and analysing the results achieved in the CMM Multimeter