Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. Chapter 1. The Moral Aspect. Introductory. In Chapter I of Part V of the Main Report, we have dealt at some length with. The Hamoodur Rahman Commission (otherwise known as “Hamood-ur-Rahman Commission”), were an inquiry judicial commission reports on the history of.

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We dealt at length with the hamoodug of defence as well as the plans formulated by the General Headquarters both for East and West Pakistan, and pointed out the defects and deficiencies in those plans, apart from the inadequacy of resources available on both fronts as compared to those 78 of the enemy. The life, vommission, and honour of even the most highly placed among them were not safe.

A Feport as Secretary to the Commission. After analysing the evidence brought before the Commission, we came to the conclusion that the process of moral degeneration among the senior ranks of the Armed Forces was set in motion by their involvement in Martial Law duties inthat these tendencies reappeared and were, in fact, intensified when Martial Law was imposed in the country once again in March by General Yahya Khan, and that there was indeed substance in the allegations that a considerable number of senior Army Officers had not only indulged in large scale acquisition of lands and rahmxn and other commercial activities, but had also adopted highly immoral and licentious ways of life which seriously affected their professional capabilities and their qualities of hamoodur rahman commission report in.

President Pervez Musharraf reportedly commented in October that the incidents in were a hamoodur rahman commission report in as well as a military debacle, and that calls for the military generals reporr be tried were not fair. Orderly withdrawal of troops in time for concentrated defence was also made impossible by the unfortunate orders issued by Lt.

Niazi was hamoodur rahman commission report in a Theatre Commander and was never designated as such.


There was a general feeling of hatred against Bengalis amongst the soldiers and officers including Generals. The need for commandeering vehicles, foodstuffs, medicines and other essential supplies can certainly be appreciated, but this should have been done under a proper method of accounting so that compensation could be paid on return of normal conditions.

Duke University Press, Saikia.

Performance and Conduct of Junior Officers We have also seen how the Eastern Command had failed to plan for an all out war with India and particularly to provide for the defence of Dacca which had been described as the political and military lynch-pin of East Pakistan.

It is a question for determination as to hamoodur rahman commission report in share of responsibility must rest on these commanders for the 40 excesses allegedly committed by the troops under their Command.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission report surfaces again. But this would only be a minority opinion. The Army’s involvement in civil administration did not come to an end even with the installation of a civilian governor viz.

Niazi during his appearance before us, and he naturally denied them. Moreover the image of the armed forces can only be based on what the people see and note about them in peace and their conduct commkssion war. Hamoodur rahman commission report in words “Case against Mr Toha and others,” appearing in the same page, do support Maj.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission

There should be no difficulty in reconstructing the record, if necessary as the material witness appear to be now available in Pakistan. Allegations were made that some persons in his custody were eliminated without trial, or even without any ostensible cause. We were informed that in several cases disciplinary action by way of Courts of Inquiries was initiated but the cases could not be finalised for one reasons or the other before the surrender on the 16th of Hamoodur rahman commission report in In the situation that developed after the military action of the 25th of Marchthe civil administration in East Pakistan practically came to hamoodur rahman commission report in standstill, and the burden of running the Province fell heavily upon the Army Officers.

I told ADC to Gen. Maybe that if the nature of the conduct by troops and officers in East Pakistan had been more or less correctly reflected in the press and media of West Pakistan, it is possible that the image of the forces might have been tarnished.


Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report – Chapter 1

H Ansari who had recorded some evidence, but could hamoodur rahman commission report in complete the inquiry owing to the outbreak hamoodur rahman commission report in war. Detailed recommendations in respect of all these matters are contained in the next Chapter. Rahim Khan, GOC 39 ad hoc Division, who abandoned his Divisionand evacuated his Divisional HQ from Chandpurof course, with the permission of the Commander, Eastern Commander, with no replacement, and with the consequence that his Division disintegrated and had to be replaced with another Headquarter called the Narayan Sector Headquarters under a Brigadier.

From the mass of evidence coming before the Commission from witnesses, both civil and military, there is little doubt that Gen. Effect of Martial Law Duties 4. We also find that even if the extra battalions had been sent the position would not have materially improved as there was no clear plan for their deployment.

The Army had to go out into the countryside without adequate logistic arrangements, and was compelled, at least in the early stages of its operations to take its requirements of foodgrains and other essential supplies from civilian sources. In this context we also referred to the hamoodur rahman commission report in which was handed over by Major General Farman Ali to Mr.

The regime did not encounter much resistance right down to the period leading up to the war. In view of the glaring weaknesses and negligence displayed by some of the senior officers operating in East Pakistan, we have anxiously considered the nature of the disciplinary action required in the case.