HEATHKIT. MANUAL for the. DELUXE. ANTENNA TUNER. Model SAA You must deliver the unit at your expense to the Heath factory, any Heathkit. View and Download Heath Kit SAA manual online. Heathkit SAA TV Antenna pdf manual download. Antenna Tuner SA Amateur-D Heathkit Brand, Heath Co.; Benton Harbor Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click for.

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Refer to inset drawing 1 on the Pictorial and apply a small amount of grease to each fiber- glass extension shaft as shown.

Then readjust Cl, C2, heathiit Ll for minimum reflected power. Be sure to center the tape from top to bottom. This nut may be adjusted later. Do not manyal this end off. Switches the output to a dummy load, or to any of three coaxial feediines.

Slide the shaft at the greased end of the roller inductor into the bushing at BC in the front xa-2060 end plate, Slide the shaft collar onto the rear shaft of the roller inductor. Slide a 10 lockwasher onto the stud on the outside of the chassis. This completes the assembly of the roller inductor. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have 26 rotor plates and 25 large spacers installed on the shaft.

sa–2060 Be sure to make secure mechanical connections as shown in the inset drawing on Pictorial Therefore, the following color code is given for information only. Set the roller inductor assembly on a flat sur- face.


Antenna Tuner SA-2060

Position the capacitor assembly as shown in the Pictorial. Make sure they do not touch each other or any metal parts other than those that they are connected to. Avoid eye injury when you cut off excessive lead lengths.

Tighten the screw finger tight. If necessary, temporarily loosen the switch mounting hardware and move the switch assembly as necessary. Refer to Detail A and, with heavy heayhkit, flatten the upper end of the remaining 10 solder lug as shown.


Then mount the spacer at BB and BH. This is especially true of broadband solid-state transmitters. This completes the tuning procedure for single-wire antennas. Tighten each nut finger tight, Heathkit Bend the rounded part of a cable clamp so it is just a little larger than the diameter of the sensor cable. Then, working from the center outward in both directions, smooth the label firmly onto the front panel. When you perform the next two steps, be sure to pull each winding until it is snug.

Replacement parts are warranted for the remaining portion of the original warraniy period. Be sure the groove in the roller contact rests on one of the wire turns of the inductor. The Warranty is located inside the front cover.

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Page 59 Heathkit When switch SWl is in the FWD out position, the FWD meter is again enabled to indicate forward power, while switch SW2, in the SWR position, indi- cates the amount of standing wave sa2060 at the point the sensor is inserted in the transmission line. Use the shortest and heaviest connection possible.

Full text of “Heathkit SA A Deluxe Antenna Tuner (+ Parts + Schem.) (manual)”

Assemble the stator section of the mat ching capacitor as follows: Slide two contactor springs onto the spacer mounted at BF. Balanced to Unbalanced Transformation 4: The key numbers correspond to the numbers on the “Parts Pictorial” in the separate “Illustration Book- let” beginning on Page 1. Use the remaining control nut to secure the rotor plates and ssa-2060 spacers on the shaft.

With the exciter in either the tune or CW mode, advance the exciter’s carrier level or power output control for an on-scale reading on REF meter Ml.

Be sure to tell us: Divide the displayed number by ten 1 0 to get the number ol active lurns used for a certain setting of roller inductor L1.

Set your exciter to the desired frequency.

This completes the assembly of the matching capacitor.