HEF Datasheet, HEF PDF, HEF Data sheet, HEF manual, HEF pdf, HEF, datenblatt, Electronics HEF, alldatasheet, free. 15 Apr Data sheet acquired from Harris Semiconductor. SCHSC − Revised October HCDB consists of an oscillator section and CMOS Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider and Oscillator. CMOS Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider and Oscillator – CDB. Datasheet.

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Everything is built on pad board using Road Runner wiring to connect all the components together.

Its signal level is constantly low, with only a very short rising pulse when the counter reaches 60 hef4060 datasheet. I don’t need the output of the seconds counter adtasheet, because I do not have a seconds display.

This reset pulse is also used as carry to the hours counter. The Hardware Part 1 Hef4060 datasheet can download the circuit diagram here.

My way of keeping this site alive. Daatsheet with this knowledge you should be able to build the clock yourself too. When the second decade reaches 6 the output of Hef4060 datasheet will go low. On the next page I’ll datadheet the display circuit and power supply of the clock. OK, that’s enough for this one page. Once the counters reach that state they are datasneet back to 0 again.

The CLK input to the flip-flop is low, because the hef4060 datasheet counter has just been reset to 0. These kind of capacitors usually have a black datasheeet on top of hef4060 datasheet body. It’s output Q0 of the first decade counter IC4A. The precision of the resistor value has no effect on the precision of the time base B.


This signal is fed to the seconds counter, as described below. In Run mode only the SET button will have any effect, the other 3 buttons are inhibited. The Buttons Let’s start simple, the buttons, which are used to set the time. Therefore IC3A is used to divide the frequency down to 1Hz. This pulse is used to flash hef4060 datasheet colon between the hour digits and the minute digits on the display. Please consider clicking on the Support Hef4060 datasheet button to show your appreciation. While ddatasheet clock is in SET mode there won’t come any carry pulses from the minutes counter and that signal is constantly high.

C5 is used to set the correct frequency.

The Time Base IC2 forms the time base oscillator and first hef4060 datasheet stage. The carry from the seconds counter is constantly high, with only a short carry pulse every 60 seconds.

We haven’t talked about the carry from the seconds counter to the minutes counter yet. As usual, with such a hef4060 datasheet of project, I didn’t bother to hef4060 datasheet a PCB for the project. The clock can be in one of two different modes, in Run datasgeet or in Set mode.

Результаты поиска для HEF4060

While the clock is in run mode SET is high, opening the gate hef4060 datasheet the carry pulse. As a matter of fact, there’s no more on sheet number one to be explained.

It’s a bed side table clock, I don’t need it to light up the entire room at night, hef4060 datasheet know. But this time the maximum count value is limited to Hev4060 oscillator part is built as described in the HEF data sheet. Hef4060 datasheet How to navigate Sponsors Please consider clicking on the Support Me button to show your appreciation.


IC4B tries to do the same for the 0. The other sheet covers dataxheet display circuit and the power supply. Hef4060 datasheet also produces several other division ratios. Therefore IC9C will inversely follow the low going carry signal from the dxtasheet counter.

TP1 is a hef4060 datasheet point at which you can measure the buffered This not only prevents the clock from advancing every minute during SET mode, it also starts counting a whole new minute once the clock is set to RUN mode hef4060 datasheet. This allows you to advance the hours counter. There’s one output we might use though.

CDB CMOS Stage Ripple-Carry Binary Counter/Divider and Oscillator |

hef4060 datasheet Next hef4060 datasheet, the minutes counter. When the carry pulse goes high too, the hef4060 datasheet of IC9B goes low briefly. This helps to tune the frequency of the time base to the correct value. But when the most significant digit of hef4060 datasheet hours counter increments the clock input of the flip-flop rises, which sets the flip-flop, making the Q output low. It uses a In SET mode the SET signal is high, and the seconds to minutes carry can never occur because the seconds counter is held in reset.

And now the hours counter. IC2 also contains a 14 bit divider chain. It is very important to use 0 tempco capacitor for C4. This page will describe sheet one in detail, while the next page will describe sheet number two.