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Now the debate has risen over who is bigger poet and who is not. My starting was through anger. I was never in between such debate. When the poem became most popular? You have been residing in a residential hotel, leaving your house.

Beside Syed Haque, many fresh poets are also trying to do so. How you have been evaluating it? He has always been quietly slipping away, a cloth bag hung over his shoulder, leaving his remarkable poetry behind. Later historical appeared and the country got independence. With whom you had much intimacy?

Actually who is prime poet? Inception was through poem and I kobta to end through poem. He has always been the gentle one quite, more fond of writing and disappearing from the centre stage and public bravado. The popular poem collection was published in 12 editions. Anyway, the poem was written based on the ground of Mass Upraise of If rhythm is known, the new format can be built by breaking its old pattern.


Generally, all start through poem. When I become nostalgic, it gives me much pain. But where was the anger ignited from Helal Hafiz? It needed to transmit it to the foreign poets. It is understandable that the acceptability of poem has increased a lot.

Then we could get feedback certainly. I think it was a great achievement in my life.

We have much element to compete. The poem returns to the angry streets and the young in age or heart with every rebellion.

Helal Hafiz – Kobita o Gaan

But now poems are being loaded in mobile phones, even in ringer and ring toes, television, Radio and social media like face book. But my realization is that in that comparison, I could not give much. You have talked about rhythm. So Helal bhai, may hafizz live long and may you endure in poetry, love and history.

He has tried to sink in the ocean of poem repeatedly but have failed. Even he is my favorite poet. Poem is like people. Now a huge number of readers of Das have created. Our poem are maintaining international standard, no doubt at all. Life is spent with the poem. It has nothing to be excited much on it. But it is much tougher that which poem would become popular and which would not get yafiz popularity.


Later back in study again. Who needs it more than Bangladesh? Afsan Chowdhury 6th Oct Readers did not recall that poem while people took that poem. More from this author Indo-Bangla treaty: Written By Afsan Chowdhury 6th Oct It ate up a life and gifted another life. There are several other such poems but his ouvre is very small. Jibanananda is a bright example to us.

Time would settle on who is prime poet or not: Helal Hafiz

Helal Hafiz Helal Hafiz is such a modern poet who is much popular to the readers of Bangladesh. He has aged but is unafraid of his advancing years though the permanently single man worries a bit about being felled by an illness to be bedridden without a caregiver.

When as per rules of nature you will go in die, where you like to sleep? No, I have no such intention.