There was antioxidant activity reported from Heracleum persicum (Golpar). Key Words: Heracleum persicum extracts, Sperm, Mice, Chromatin, DNA integrity. Heracleum persicum, a herbaceous perennial invasive plant native to Iran, was introduced to Europe via England (Rijal, Alm, et al., ). Effects of golpar (Heracleum persicum Desf.) and probiotics in drinking water on performance, carcass characteristics, organ weights, blood.

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Invasive Plant Science and Management.

Heracleum persicum – Wikipedia

Exotic plant invasions and the enemy release hypothesis. The invasion of a plant community by H. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 11 1: Thus, it is likely that seeds of H. Such practices do not allow invasive species to re-establish.

Persian Hogweed, Heracleum persicum – Flowers – NatureGate

Relative exotic abundance was also lower for the noninvaded plots. Genetic diversity of H. Food Chemistry, 1: Ecological Monographs8067— Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser.

Biological Invasions14— While the invasion by H. The estimated invasibility was lower for areas with a persiucm level of current invasion e. Invasive species of Heracleum in Europe: Genetic diversity or invasion history? Thus, inflorescence or plant cutting would not be completely effective.


Reconciling pattern and process in species invasions. The distribution of H. Retrieved September 1, There are different free radical scavenging antioxidants in body, which many of them are derived from dietary sources like fruits, vegetables, and teas 2. Discussion Present study findings showed that H. Student, 3 Ali Reza TalebiPh.

Perzsa medvetalp

Means of Movement and Dispersal Top of page Intentional Introduction The species was first deliberately introduced heacleum an ornamental from its native range. The chromosome number of H. Composition and biological activities of essential oils from four Heracleum species.

In any case, seed reproduction is not as vigorous as H.

Table 1 Sampling locations of Heracleum persicum in northern Norway. References Top of page Ahmad SA, Often A, Graff G, Leaflets big, shortly and broadly lobed, with blunt-toothed margins.

Quantifying levels heracleym biological invasion: Recently, some researches have revealed several benefits of H. The sampling approach was to compare species richness and diversity estimates between H. Ecology93— Identify species based on their characteristics!

Disturbance is the key to plant invasions in cold environments. Furthermore, it can even finally stop spermatogenesis in severe cases 8. Deliberately introduced as garden plant but not really as a commercial horticultural plant.


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland, There was antioxidant activity reported from Heracleum persicum Golpar. Ethnobotany of Heracleum persicum Desf. There was a significant positive association between cover of persifum native species and invasibility.

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Are invasive species a major cause of extinctions? In contrast, invasibility had a negative association with total height, total height variance, and cover difference between 10 dominant native hefacleum and H.

Is has become a real plague especially in northern Norway. In line with our results there was a study that showed sperm motility in experimental groups that received cyclophosphamide along with H.

Vegetation was sampled during July—August and August within the area where H. Regarding to TB staining a significant difference has been found between groups.

Journal of Ecology97— Leaves and seeds of H.