Mark Hughes. Founder of Herbalife Founder of Herbalife. Mother died tragically at age He was only 18 years old. He vowed to dedicate his life to help. Herbalife products, and training and moOvaOng his or her organizaOon to sell Herbalife products. Therefore, all FSS members must agree 2 – PITCH BOOK. Herbalife International. • Founded in • Represented, tested and approved in 65 countries. • Pioneers in nutrition and weight control. • Over 40 million.

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Furthermore, says an Herbalife spokesman, the nutrition clubs build communities that support customers in sticking to their health goals.

So the duo rented a small storefront on 37th Avenue and 75th Street, a commercial corridor of ethnic restaurants, cafes and health and beauty services. In fact, according to a recent study commissioned by the Company, But to increase her downline, Lopez understood, required more lies. She was stressed out and overweight.

An army of recruits. Edited by Mark RykoffJayati Vora. She says she still has a lot of leftover Herbalife inventory in her kitchen.

To expand the club operation, Cecilia withdrew a few thousand dollars from her joint account with her husband, who became furious. I knew what I was telling to people was a lie. Of those who reached supervisor level, with the prospect of monthly commissions, fewer than 1 percent 0. An Herbalife spokesman confirmed that there are in Ptch York state.

Maybe the next month.


Herbalife Pitchbook Presentation and Training

Investigator Christine Richard studied the economics of 10 nutrition clubs in Queens. The couple, like several people interviewed for this story, spoke on the condition that only their first names would be used. But people were busy, she says. Click to enlarge images.

Storefronts in Jackson Heights, Queens. The second part in this series about multilevel-marketing firms examines the spread of Herbalife nutrition clubs in a Latino neighborhood in New York. Click the points on the map below to see the exact address and storefront of each Herbalife club.

She opened another one in Jackson Heights last year. Nor did the tactics Lopez adopted in a desperate attempt to sell more product. She says she and her sister-in-law Cecilia Lopez, who worked in security, ran an Herbalife iptch club in their home. Shakes, lies and videotape.

Produced by Alex Newman. Still, the company says nutrition clubs play a positive role in the Latino community.

Seeing green with Herbalife | Al Jazeera America

There are currently more than 4, nutrition clubs in this country, and in New York state. They have small bank accounts but big American dreams.

With energy, looking good. She believes her health issues related to working in a clothing factory, a sedentary job at which she drank a lot of soda instead of water. If a new client came in to try the free shake, Lopez would ask him or her how it tasted.

She had to pawn all her 18k gold jewelry from Colombia to pay down her Herbalife debt, she pittch.

Seeing green with Herbalife. Cecilia kept her day job, using that income to stock up on Herbalife inventory and reach purchasing levels that qualified them for additional points and discounts. Lopez believed she had it in her to convince people to join book nutrition club. Plus, many lack health insurance and suffer from ailments such as back pain and depression, obesity and diabetes.

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The investigator, former journalist Christine Richard, studied the economics of 10 nutrition clubs in Queens. Other distributors told Lopez that she had to recruit people in order to increase her profits. Lopez, however, would not have been able to avail of the policy. Herbalife chief executive officer Michael Johnson says he has nothing to hide.

Seeing green with Herbalife

While controversy swirls around the nutrition-club system, which opponents say targets poor, often-uneducated Latinos, many of whom are living in the country illegally, here in this working-class immigrant neighborhood there are plenty of Herbalife believers. Before becoming an Herbalife distributor, Bertha says, she had myriad health issues. She found herself recommending the products to friends, and inshe decided to open a club in Long Island City. Inside, Maria, an independent Herbalife distributor from Mexico, is sweeping the stairwell leading to the club she and her husband, Leonel, run on the second floor.

A former teacher, Lopez is a people person.