11 Mar Atresia of vulva with atresia ani is rare occurrence in sheep. This case describes atresia of vulva and anus and its successful surgical treatment. 1 Sep APPLIED RESEARCH. CASE REPORT. Surgical repair of a rare case of Congenital Rectovaginal fistula and Atresia ani in a crossbred piglet. Abstract: Atresia ani is a failure of development of the anal opening. It is a congenital abnormality, manifested clinically by an absence of faeces, dullness.

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So early detection is very important to be done by a nurse or medical team who are competent in the field. Anal reconstruction proved successfully for all treated kids and lambs.

In female, the rectum may break through vagina aji a rectovaginal fistula permitting defecation via the vulva. Atresia ani, childtreatment. Atresia Ani atersia basically any type need to be given attention to the effects that would be caused to the child afterwards.

Anal reconstruction increases body weight gain and decreases the economic loss in the small ruminant herd industry due to atresia ani. The most appropriate time to junal genital abnormalities shortly after the baby is born. User Username Password Remember me. Surgical treatment of atresia ani is indicated to save the animal life and to improve body weight gain.


Atresia ani have another name ie imperforate anus. Ke y word s: Ten kids and eight lambs suffering from atresia ani referred to the veterinary health center at the Jordan University of Science and Technology in the period of suffering from atresia ani.

At least with a physical examination and digital rectal inspection. Clinical examination and ultrasonography confirmed atresia ani without any other intestinal congenital deformities. The new stoma provides a permanent patent orifice for normal passage of feces until the age of slaughter. Data obtained atresia ani events arising in the ratio 1 of live births, with a population of million and Indonesia 35 per mil birth rate, it is predicted to be born each year with the disease in infants atresia ani.

But the nursing actions that are based on the establishment of nursing diagnosis is also important to provide good care and treatment to sustain the elimination of basic human needs, both before and after surgery. It is fatal unless surgical correction is carried out to provide anal opening. User Username Password Remember me. Affected animals were subjected to surgical anal reconstruction following animal casting, site preparation and analgesia.


Penanganan Kejadian Atresia Ani pada Anak | Haryono | Jurnal Keperawatan Notokusumo

If atresia occurs it is almost always requires surgery to create a channel like normal state. Abstract Atresia ani is a congenital defect describes absence of a normal anal opening.

Atresia ani is not complete embryonic development in the distal rectum or anus closed abnormally. The blind rectum segment was opened and the meconium was evacuated. A circular perineal skin tissue was excised to explore the pelvic cavity associated with blunt dissection of the perineal region exposing the blind cull- de- sac of the rectum. Full thickness rectum and was secured using simple interrupted stiches. The main treatment is surgery with time and adjusted models of type or classification of atresia ani suffered.

This surgery was legitimate, considering the high incidence of atresia ani, simple, economic, and lifesaving surgical technique. Anal reconstruction in affected animal is an obligatory surgery rather than alternative euthanasia.