Karukku has ratings and 22 reviews. Nandakishore said: I have recently decided to read more of Indian literature, and subaltern literature in particu. Bama (born ), also known as Bama Faustina Soosairaj, is a Tamil, Dalit feminist, committed teacher and novelist. She rose to fame with her autobiographical novel Karukku (), which. 30 May Using Bama’s Karukku as a case-study, it explores the shift between the generic conventions of individual life-writing and.

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The first autobiography by a Dalit karkku writer and a classic of subaltern writing, it is a bold and poignant tale of life outside mainstream Indian thought and function.

Karukku was my healing: Bama Faustina | National Herald

As well as this subversion of received Tamil, all Dalit writing is marked by certain other characteristics. Have doubts regarding this product?

As she tries to recover from social and institutional betrayal, she makes an effort to understand herself as a woman, a Dalit, and a Christian. He uses it in the poem Taazhtapattor samattuvapaattu “Song for the equality of the oppressed”. Bama is doing something completely new in using the demotic and the colloquial regularly, as her medium for narration and even argument, not simply for reported speech. As Bama grows older, it dawns upon her that the beliefs of Christianity are not always put kzrukku practice.

Introduction To Karukku

She recalls how she was treated differently from others as a Dalit woman and admonished harshly every time she tried to stand up for herself, think for herself or speak on behalf of those the convent was actually meant to serve. It has gone hand in hand with political activism, and karukkj critical and ideological debate, spurred on by such events as the Ambedkar centenary ofand the furore following the Mandal Kadukku report.


Focused on the observations and thoughts of the narrator, at times the story seemed to exist in a vacuum. The problem I had with the story is the writing.

Its nuance is incredible, as she describes not only her experiences as Dalit and a woman, but also the loneliness of her everyday life. Bama’s re-reading and interpretation of the Christian scriptures as an adult enables her to carve out both a social karukmu and a message of hope for Dalits by emphasizing the revolutionary aspects of Christianity, the values of equality, social justice, and love towards all.

The tension throughout Karukku is between the self and the community: Aravindh Sachidanandam rated it it was amazing Jan 23, When The Personal Is Political: Bama is the pen-name of a Tamil Dalit woman, from a Roman Catholic family.

She was born into a Catholic Tamil Dalit family, and after graduation became a nun for seven years. A oarukku in Dalit and feminist literature, the latter without the author even realizing it. Her stories about the different ways she felt discrimination lit up the text. Her father was employed in the Indian Army.

I should always stand away to one side. An Uncivil Woman Rakhshanda Jalil.

Bama (writer)

My friends karukky it. By a felicitous pun, the Tamil word karukku, containing the word karuembryo or seed, also means freshness, karuukku. When she left the seminary, Bama was struggling to find her own identity: More From Outlook Magazine. Apr 06, Amrita rated it it was amazing. The book chronicles the author’s journey from her childhood to the present, under the constant discrimination of being Dalit, and a woman and one who left a convent. Never does she attempt to tie all the loose ends of her self, her life or her view of the world together.

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Bama’s work is not only breaking a mainstream aesthetic, but also proposing a new one which is integral to her politics. Inequality Within Marriage September 12, Hence often there is a spin or a turn-around of meaning; a freshness in some of the coinages, and different routes and slippages in the way Catholicism has been naturalized and sometimes not into the Tamil of the text. Summary Of The Book Karukku means sharp edged palmyra leaves.

Even among the students, the rich and pedigreed are preferred to the poor and needy. Begin typing the name of a book or author: The Tamil equivalent karukki the Marathi “dalit” is taazhtapattor, used in this specific sense by Bharati Dasan in the s, when he was working for the Self Respect Movement. Though she was a good student, she never hesitated to do household work or help her mother and grandmother earn some extra money by working in a farm.

Every aspect of the child’s life is imbued with the Christian religion. Now 25 years have passed.