Also known as:*Скъпоценни камъни (Bulgarian)*L’amor més enllà del temps ( Catalan)*時空戀人 (Chinese, traditional)*Drahokamy (Czech)*Eindeloos verliefd . Katharina Schöde (screenplay), Kerstin Gier (novel) Maria Ehrich and Laura Berlin in Rubinrot () Maria Ehrich and Jannis Niewöhner in Rubinrot (). 10 Aug Title: Ruby Red (original title Rubinrot – Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten). Author: Kerstin Gier. Genre: Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Historical.

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Gideon has his blood read into the chronograph, and with the circle now complete, the philosopher’s stone is revealed, and Gideon ruibnrot the salt-like substance.

They go back to their own time and travel by taxi back to the Lodge. It took me a while to get used to the reader’s posh British accent rhbinrot eventually I really got into it! A pesar de que comenzaron con el pie izquierdo se nota que algo pasa entre ellos.

Definitely looking forward to finishing this trilogy! Because honestly, there wasn’t one.

Edelstein-Trilogie Series by Kerstin Gier

I cannot believe how much I loved this book. Gwen often reads like a much younger character – she constantly whines and panics, needs everything explained to her over and over again, and must either eat, throw up, or go to “the loo” every two pages of so.

Their coachman got half his face shot off during the skirmish. Feb 18, Eileen rated it it was amazing. Gwyneth is said to be very clumsy, always accidentally dipping the tie of her school uniform in her lunch and tripping over her own feet. The series follows the story of Gwyneth Shepherd, a time-traveling girl living in contemporary London.

Preview — Rubinrot by Kerstin Gier. Naturally, a quick decision-maker that I am, I made up my mind to drop it right after finishing chapter 1. I felt a little sad for Gwendolyn because almost everyone around her acted like spoiled brats however, I’d survive anything if I had a best friend like Leslie. Kerstin Gier’s humour is laugh-out-loud material, her characters are exciting, cute, brave, and often very adorable.

Gwyneth – Gwen for short – scrapes by in school, trips on her own legs, suffers from a nervous stomach, says the wrong thing everytime, has no fashion sense, and her only talent is memorizing inane pop culture Sixteen-year-olds Gwyneth Shepherd and Charlotte Montrose are cousins, born only two days apart and raised in the same house by their giet, comically dysfunctional family.


You are asking the girl to get killed, kidnapped, or something. He also reveals that he finds the time travel gene to be more of a curse, since it means he cannot travel outside England unless in the company of the Guardians and the chronograph.

We often discussed what the ideal kiss would be like, and there were any number of films we’d watched over and over again just because of the good kissing scenes in them. Now I feel a bit harsh commenting on the writing style and language as this is a translated book, so do bear that rubinroot mind if you plan on reading it. Gideon De Villers, the guy from the second time traveling family who was originally training for a mission with the cousin, has to grudgingly train with Gwyneth and a romance slowly starts there.

I, however, HATE plot lines driven by romance so I should have known better than to read this book, but guess what? Gwen travels through time once more and is finally acknowledged as krestin final time traveler, the twelfth, whose symbolic gem is the Ruby. It was an honest, exciting, fun book that kept me up until way past when I should have been asleep.

Edelstein-Trilogie Series

There are two families in this London with a secret “time travel” gene that manifests in the de Villiers men and the Montrose women. I felt as if I had no idea who this heroine really was. I was so bored for the first eighty percent of the book. After returning to the present, she is caught by Charlotte, who demands to know what she is carrying, but after Mr.

The chest is brought out, and the key, which Gwyneth found after elapsing a few days earlier before she met Lucas the first time, is the same one that Gwyneth had given to Lesley. The sequel to RubinrotSaphirblauhas been made into a movie as well, released in Germany on 18 December The next day, Lesley, Gideon, Raphael, and Gwyneth travel to the subway tracks, and Gideon and Gwyneth elapse to try and stop the younger Gideon from delivering the letter about Operation Black Tourmaline and Sapphire.

The story of the guardians and the time travelers is so full of plot holes, and so many questions that I have aren’t even alluded to. Was ihr dagegen nicht klar ist: One of the main reasons I loved this book was because it was constantly exciting.

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What kind of bothered me was how Gwen has thoughts and says things like a twelve or thirteen year old which would have been fine if that was her age.

Retrieved 8 December After hearing the shocking news, Gwyneth and Gideon escape to the chronograph room and elapse, despite Gideon needing to finish out Operation Black Tourmaline and Sapphire. View all 10 comments.

Ruby Red Trilogy – Wikipedia

If you know me at all, you know I’m absolutely obsessed with time travel, the Victorian era, and England. There are so many questions I have that need to be answered so I quickly put the other two books of the trilogy on hold at my library. The romance or lack thereof was also very refreshing Minor spoilers ahead Let’s see. Gwen is sent to elapse to the yearthe same year as the London Olympic Games, in order to fulfill her quota of time travel for the day.

She’s way too immature for a 16 years old girl! Crazy for Young A Then when she meets Gideon and gets in deep with the time-traveling stuff she shifts, which was nice to kfrstin but kind of abrupt for me. She has two younger siblings, Nick and Caroline, and her best friend is Lesley Hay. Want to Read saving…. Now, let’s break it up.

Well can you tell what’s gonna happen?

I really hope I’ll like him better in the next book. La kerstjn me ha encantado de principio a fin. It definitely gets better as it goes. She has freckles and blonde hair and is the only one outside of Gweneth’s family who knows about the time travel secret. This book had its issues, especially the grammar yes, I do know that this book was written in German and then translated to English but I adored it nonetheless.