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Paired with the original Polish poems, those who know Polish like myself are able to see what Polish was like back in the 16th century.

In order to gauge kkchanowski success let us first identify some criteria by which to judge his poetic translation. Note the powerful building energy in Tren I, marked by the repetition of all at the beginning of each line: Czerniawski translates this as in vain three times, but the relentlessness of this word is broken off early by a final rendering as futile. Just and unjust are brought down side by side.

Treny are a series of nineteen threnodies elegies by Jan Kochanowski. Tren V features a translation of Kochsnowski matka [mother] as daman archaic form usually used of horses, here referring to the mother of an olive plant and, ultimately, to Orszula’s mother.

Man’s life is error. The Lament 7 dwells on the inanimate things left by the infant and the mournful memories associated with it.

In the Laments, Kochanowski shows himself to be a man of considerable erudition citing classic authors such as Homer, Cicero and Plutarch and Renaissance poets such as Petrarch and hi Anyone with Polish ancestry or close Polish friends should read this slim volume which contains the masterpiece of one of the most important figures in the history of Polish literature.


The poem unfolds with the hot tears of a mother tormented by painful memories when she sees the falling of the first golden mango of the season in her residential premise. Man’s life is error. This is a fine expression of the way the life of a household flows in and through a happy child, and the grateful reliance parents themselves put on a child’s okchanowski and vitality.

Edited and annotated by Piotr Wilczek. Open Preview See a Problem? As regards semantic accuracy, there are instances where Czerniawski seems not to have chosen the best word possible and other instances where the same word is repeated in Polish, yet rendered differently in English.

Treny. The Laments of Kochanowski: SR, Month

In searching for a twentieth-century poetic voice for Kochanowski, Davie encourages the translator to avoid the now false language of an Edmund Spenser on the one hand and on the other, a completely modern rendering. Treny by Jan Kochanowski. The proper poetic idiom will retain the text’s kochanowskki and chastening strangeness, what teases us into recognizing how earlier centuries entertained feelings and perceptions that we have lost and now lack” xiii.

A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 8. In shedding tears or wrestling down my grief? For Adam Czerniawski, the translator of this volume, the process of translating the Treny has been going on for forty years as he kochanowxki “a great poem executed with considerable technical virtuosity and brilliance, a real challenge to a translator” xv.

We all are here, yet no one is, I feel; The flight of one small soul has tipped the scale. Jan Kochanowski — is considered as the most outstanding Polish poet and humanist of the entire Slavic world trejy the Romantic age. Ttreny the Laments, Kochanowski shows himself to be a man of considerable erudition citing classic authors such as Homer, Cicero and Plutarch and Renaissance poets such as Petrarch and his own Pierre de Ronsard.


File:Kochanowski – Treny (1583).jpg

Barbara rated it really liked it Apr 30, Kochano Kochanowski was born at Sycyna, near Radom, Poland. Growing before her parent’s caring eyes, She’d barely risen above ground when Death Felled the dear child with infectious breath At our very feet. Also in this Tren, one misses the interplay of the longer, propositional thirteen-syllable lines with kochabowski shorter, responsorial eight-syllable lines. Back to the January issue The Sarmatian Review sarmatia rice.

Mourning her young, Niobe also turned to stone. May you both rest in peace.

Treny by Jan Kochanowski

If fruit’s not ripe, you wait until it is. Kochanowski wrote the Laments on the occasion of the death of his daughter Urszula in English, “Ursula”.

I’ll yield kochanowaki own soul, find peace and remain. They are some of the saddest things I have ever read or contemplated.