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Pi vbru sprvn pracovn obuvi nehlete pouze na znaku, kter je do urit mry zrukou oekvan kvality, ale zamte se pedevm na el a prosted, ve kterm budete obuv pouvat.

Short sleeve polo shirt. Winter jacket with inside cuffs, hood in collar, reinforced shoulders, removable sleeves and multifunctional pockets.

It can consist of several layers, is made from synthetic materials and in some types of safety work shoes it may be injected. Zornk ultradura, modr rm.

erva kompletn katalog

Polyester felt thermoinsulated work shoes with antislip rubber sole and leather polyester felt upper. Can be placed over corrective glasses.

EN a EN Fluorescent high safety boots with stell toe cap and puncture resistant sole. Overall with reflective accessories. Zde si sthnte kompletn program v PDF Documents. Odvy jsou ureny proti elektrostatickmu vboji. Safety goggles with replaceable antifog polycarbonate visor. Antistatic, flameproof and chemical resistant pants with strong flameproof cotton lining and sealed seams.

Thermoinsulated vest with Bamboo effect, shoulder reinforcement, water resistant treatment and foldaway hood in collar. We believe that our webpage help you and we will be glad if you visit us in the future. Good skin compatibility quick absorption into the skin. Is bactericidal, fungicidal as well as virucidal against enveloped viruses incl.

erva kompletn katalog

Adjustable temple length to suit the individual, adjustable lens angle. Integrated protection against glare from above. Dual inner layer for better comfort and shock absorbancy.


Fleece jacket with lining, inner pockets and YKK zipper. Dky vtakm zvilnu a hemnku pokoku chrn a regeneruje, neobsahuje silikon ani parfemaci. Antistatic overall with permeable back, suitable for wearing for hot operations, grinding, laminating, painting, casting or glass and ceramics production. We do spend a lot of time at work and correctly chosen work clothes will make this time much more pleasant. UNI rozmr 30x cm, sla 0, mm Barva: UNI rozmr x80 cm Barva: Reflective, water resistant jacket with inside fleece and removable sleeves, with high visibility according to standard EN3M reflective stripes, water proofness and steam permeability.

Work garments with multifunctional pockets. Thermoinsulated waterproof jacket with hood and sealed seams. Zmken rmeku v oblasti nosnku, ela a konc stranic. Pants with reflective stripes. Waterproof thermoinsulated jacket with hood in collar. Maj pevn polykarbontov zornk s ochrannou vrstvou proti pokrbn a zamlovn, a jsou dodvny vesti variantch: Clear PC full face nory, headgear with browguard, polycarbonate visor class 1B.

FAGOR CFI-4GLSTABUT Hob download user guide for free – AB9D |

There are several polyester fibres types that are differentiated by the actual manufacturing technology and specific characteristics used at the same time. Those spectacles protect against UV radiation in accordance with EN Water and oil proof work pants with reflective stripes. All the above mentioned is being done for the end-user a worker, who must be safe during his every day work. NEOPRENE Neoprene is an elastic synthetic rubber made from polychloroprene rubber and is used for safety suits diving, windsurfing, yachting and other water sports manufacturing.


Kompatibiln s respirtory 3M kuchhask Materil Nomex je kuchqsk vhodn pro vrobu odv pro hasie. Letters, even very small or unclear are bigger and more distinct while looking through a glass full of water.

Thermoinsulated pants with reinforced knees and saddle area. Work vest with mesh lining, double layered front pockets and reinforcement on shoulders. Spectacles with polycarbonate visor, angle and lenght adjustable temples, sport design, antiscratch and antifog visor, class F, optical class 1 according to EN – protection against low energy impact, yellow visor with UV filter according to EN Unisex rainjacket, breathable, waterproof, windproof, with taped seams.

The Speedglas Kcuhask and S filters have single dark shades of 10 and 11, respectively, and a light shade of 3. MEC3 – kompletn video info – celkov pehled Documents. Latex is a white liquid created in the saps of some plants rubber plantit dries quickly when in contact with air, it is also possible to make it synthetically.

Speciln systm odvtrvn, zakomponovan ochrana proti oslnn shora. Duln polstrovan ochrana obo pro vt pohodl a absorbci nraz. Progress especially of the last few years in the design area of advanced work protective glasses has moved forward significantly. Put a small quantity onto dry hands and rub in.

Work waist with pocket.