Labcold IntelliCold®Pharmacy Refrigerators – Feature Table. MODEL NUMBER. RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/. Door Seal – Labcold RLDF RLDF RLDF Fridge · Probe – Labcold Lock & Keys – Labcold RLDF RLDG RLDF · Rear Power. Labcold RLDFA Under Counter Solid Door Refrigerator Litre. Product no.: HRF Be the first to rate this Labcold Retro fit drawers for RLDF/G .

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There is condensation on the glass door of my fridge If the fridge door is left open too long, or the fridge is over full, or is working in a high ambient temperature or humid conditions, condensation may form. The following information relates to archived product specifications. Do not use lacold sharp implement to remove ice as this will damage the coating of the fridge Dry thoroughly and remove any surplus water before returning to use Leave cooling for at least 6 hours before reloading with vaccines or pharmaceuticals 10 Door Lock Your Labcold pharmacy and vaccine fridge is fitted with a door lock with 2 keys.

Loading In order to ensure even temperature distribution throughout your refrigerator it is important that: Small enough to sit on a bench top or to be wall mounted by way of integral brackets, this versatile pharmacy fridge labckld ideal for surgery situations, care homes or schools, indeed anywhere where there is a requirement to store limited amount of temperature sensitive vaccines 0501 pharmaceuticals in optimum conditions.

Light on Button Door Alarm If the door of the fridge is left open for more than 90 seconds an audible alarm will sound and the front panel will flash door and display the temperature inside the chamber alternately.

Refrigerator Operation Manual i. These instructions should More information. The light will now remain on irrespective of whether the door is closed or open.

This manual includes important safety material; please read all instructions before plugging power supply cord into receptacle. C Caple Built-in Double fan Oven Instruction Manual Introduction This quality oven has been designed to provide trouble-free service provided it is installed and maintained correctly.


Goods that cannot be so certified fall outside the scope of the Directive and remain the user s responsibility to dispose of. Once plugged in, the word Labcold will scroll across the display followed by a two digit number.

The 4 pin connector socket is for the Labcold accessory kit.

Usually, it is simply because the door has been open for a long time or the fridge has been restocked, however, it is recommended that you check the fridge to make sure that the temperature is returning to normal after the alarm has been activated. A Litre Sparkfree freezer with operator controlled defrost for improved temperature stability. Visual alarm for high temperature and door left open and analogue temperature display as standard with available accessories: These operating instructions contain information essential to the safe and reliable operation of your refrigerator.

It is recommended that you close the door and check that the temperature labfold the display decreases until it settles around the set point. This model, exclusively developed by Labcold is complete with all the technology required to ensure expensive stock is kept in optimum condition including features such as integral temperature display, alarm and forced air cooling.

Daker DK 1, 2, 3 labold. Please read carefully and follow all warnings and instructions in More information. Please check and clear the drain hole so water can run away freely. Always turn off the unit and unplug More information. This is perfectly normal and is nothing to worry about. Caple Built-in Double fan Oven. Power Type Battery power More information.

Undercounter RLDF0510A

A purpose built free standing refrigerator constructed for the controlled storage of drugs and vaccines. If the final version of this product has any differences from the description of. If you have any questions or concerns regarding. This will ensure that your daily temperature record is accurate when you start to use the fridge for storing medicines.


Keep the refrigerator More information. Please contact the Labcold service team if the set point is too low i. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Pharmacy Refrigerator Operating Instructions. – PDF

Labcold is established as a leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of medical and laboratory refrigerators and freezers in the UK. Fires started by use of inappropriate refrigerators are more common in laboratory type environments than elsewhere.

Use and Care Manual. The contents are not packed too closely together. This model provides a large storage capacity on a small floor area.

The light will now remain off irrespective of whether the door is closed or open.

Can be fitted with Labcold divided drawer s which are exclusively designed to keep air flow to a maximum insid the pharmacy labclod whilst keeping stock 050. This can happen in times of high humidity, if the door has been opened for a long time, it is overstocked or the ambient temperature is high. If the display is blank it means either that the controller is not working correctly or the fridge is not getting power.

Can be wall mounted on integral brackets if required. This is why sometimes you will hear liquid sounds coming from the fridge. This product has been designed with the highest More information. UK s best selling phone brand. Failure to do so may cause hot spots in the fridge.

Labcold refrigerators and freezers developed a reputation with large corporate and medical establishments as being safe, secure and reliable through quality construction and performance with appropriate safety and monitoring facilities.

Fridge Freezers – Liebherr. Leave unplugged with the door open for at least 6 hours at room temperature or until any ice is melted.