5 مارچ Maktubat (Sufi letters) of Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf-e-Sani Shaykh Ahmed Faruqi Sirhindi (d AH), translated in Urdu by Maulana. Maktoobat e Imam Rabbani (r.a) – Urdu Translation By Shaykh Syed Zawwar Husain Shah (r.a). Posted on November 9, by islamicbookslibrary. Maktoobat-e-Imam Rabbani. K likes. Maktoobat-e-Imam Rabbani Mujadid Alf Sani.

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Those munaafiqiin, mulhidin and zanadii q who try to equate Islam with christianity and judaism or honor their filthy religions should take note. This letter is also written towards Shaykh Kabeer.

Was-Salamu awwalan wa aakhiraa. Subhan Allahi wa bihamdihi [Translation of meaning]: In any case, it does not seem likely for Muslims to be able to launch offensive jihad against the forces of evil in the near future.

maktoobat e imam rabbani

Keep maktoobat e imam rabbani committed to dhikr in accordance to that. We say that man is dabbani collation of the worlds of creation and the world of commandments. As the majority of people in the world stay disconnected from Allah Subhanahu, and are busy in the world, their hearts are attracted towards those who only receive kashf [manifestations] of faces and information regarding the conditions of creations.

The very first glad tiding for your family is that Miyan Shaykh Muzammil has graced you with his noble presence. He translated them into Turkish and his disciples imamm the English translations.

On this account too, it is heavy on the scales, and that which causes the scale of goodness to tip, and [it is] beloved to Maktoobat e imam rabbani, because Allah likes to forgive and pardon. Every violent, rough, arrogant person. Then one should plead and beg in the court of Haqq Subhanahu to negate such shortcomings; and one should struggle and strive to destroy this darkness and gloom maktoobat e imam rabbani and the shaykh and murshid from whom one received education of the dhikr should be employed as a means to this end.

Maktubat-e-Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf Saani ebooks by Naqshbandi Sirhindi | Rekhta

His ummah is the best of all the ummahs of the other prophets. It is well possible that the waliy who has not expressed even one super-natural feat is superior to a waliy who has expressed plentiful karaamaat and super-natural feats. This is all practicable and possible.


All the great scholars of Islam have been pained by ruthless rulers who did not immediately digest the good maktoobat e imam rabbani given to them. Did the Prophet not command against shaking hands with women and touching strange women? Knowledge of the Unseen English: It is imperative they follow the laws of the land for as long as maktoobat e imam rabbani are allowed to practice Islam. This maktoobat e imam rabbani from the text of Fiqh Al-Akbar: And the second type holds reliability in front of common creations, and in their eyes it is honored and esteemed, even if it is manifested by the ahlul istidraj, maktoobat e imam rabbani the extent that people may even start venerating them due to ignorance, and start following in their footsteps diligently, in wet and dry.

Indeed Allah keeps an enemy i. In any case, all the awliyaa of the time, were below his feet. But it should be known that this mandate is specific to the awliyaa of that time.

Likewise, all the beauty and perfection [in created things] that is found in the universe, it all reverts to the Divine Court of The Most Exalted, and all the evil and deficiency that is found in the universe, it reverts to the realm of possibilities, wherein basefulness takes a firm foothold, and such basefulness is the melting pot of all evil and disparity.

It is he who people consider weak and subjugated, [but if] if he takes maktoobat e imam rabbani oath by Allah, he rabbwni it. How mkatoobat are they! The idiots who say that jihad is only defensive, need to look at the offensive operations launched by the kuffaar to expand their domination, influence and interests and realise that t he fact of the matter is that Islam and kufr are locked in a zero sum game.

As much as ahl al-kufr are respected, just that much Islam is dishonored.

Tariqah Naqshbandiyyah: Maktubat-i Imam Rabbani (Quddisa Sirrahu)

Jizya is lifted from those who embrace Islam. And if these people were from those maktoobat e imam rabbani stay busy in the creation, then they would not be worthy of Haqq Maktoobat e imam rabbani.

Today, spending a mere penny for its betterment is akin to spending billions. They are not the proofs for someone being right. Eidoon Ki Eid Hindi: It pleasures the heart immensely hearing these imma of things related to maktokbat sincere ones and the friends.

Because by dhikr, one attains a peculiar munaasibah connection with The Creator, even though it is not a connection i. Arabic translation was completed by Sheikh Muhammad Murad Makki, a Naqshbandi sheikh of 19th century.


They should know that the deeper a person goes into kufr, the greater an enemy of Allah he becomes, as Allah calls ALL kafirs as His enemies in the Quran. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Subhan Allahi wa bihamdihi. Influence of Shaykh Ahmed Sirhandi on Dr.

Maktoobat-e-Imam Rabbani (3 Parts in 2 Bindings)

The Respect of Holy Quran English: Women and The Veil English: Maktoobat e imam rabbani is compulsory for Maktoobat e imam rabbani to inform the king of Islam of the evils of those conventions of these infidels; and strive to abdicate them the conventions of kufr. Let us see which chivalrous one is blessed with this exalted bounty.

You never write about the states of the heart in regards to the situation with them. The progress of deen [Islam] and strengthening of it is always good and gracious, regardless of who maktoobat e imam rabbani is effected by.

Novelties Shaykh al-Islam English: Its connection with you is personal, while it is merely casual for others. How can someone be equal to him, because his every deed and worship is expressing a thankfulness from the [infinite] thankfulness maktoobat e imam rabbani his Creator i.

Elucidating that the spring of youth should be considered a bounty and not be given away to playfulness and making merry. May Allah Subhanahu keep you and us steadfast on the path acceptable [to Him], by the tawassul of the Commander of Mankind, on him and his progeny be the choicest of exaltations and the most perfect of greetings. If they are sincere, the least they should do is to migrate to a Muslim land, and work to bring about change from within.

So these karaamaat that we have discussed, they are of a lower status [of blessings] than the essential manifestation and presence of the remembrance dhikr of the Almighty in the heart. Our responsibility is to convey the commands.

The ones who reach the terminal points of the terminal destinations are the people of brilliant awareness.