Mike Mangini – Rhythm Knowledge – PDF – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hey everyone, I hope someone could help me out here: I´m now half through the book of Rhythm Knowledge Part 2 (also got Part 1), and I´m a. Mike Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge , PM. Anybody read and use these books and or practice cds?? My instructor swears by it, I like the.

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I remember trying to 90 minutes practice schedule, but it was too much for me. Mike Mangini Rhythm Knowledge Practice Confusion I’m also applying the Rhythm Knowledge method to my practicing, albeit only a few certain pages in the book.

Mike mangni not attend a music college. I have them all and all of them have had some sort of impact what and how I practice.

The more repetitions the better, but as for how many, I would place a number based on how long you have to learn the song. Site Navigation [Skip] Home What is it?

Doing this tends to alleviate the possibility of getting bored, which comes in handy if you tend to be ADD, like myself. Find all posts by Jeff Almeyda. I’ve read Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge, which really appealed to my inner scientist, but since then I’ve struggled to practice confidently.


He based it in cognitive science, software engineering and natural laws. It is empoweing to really start to believe in yourself and rhytthm a system. Some students were able to enter the professional realm, some got gigs with artists more popular than who Mike had worked with and some pursued non-drumming interests. Hey everyone, I knowlledge someone could help me out here: I also try and repeat that same exercise for the next few weeks. You would practice any exercise that incorporated that motion for 90 minutes non stop.


A few questions About Mike Mangini´s Rhythm Knowledge

BB code is On. That world is totally alien to me— nothing about it has the slightest resonance with me. He related to them in this way. Mangini gives you a rough image but if I was a beginner I would buy Dom Famularo’s book It’s your move! He finds the common between the two and goes off of that. Or 30 minutes of sixteenths, 30 minutes of triplets and 30 minutes of quintuplets. Find all posts by whitecatcafe. Then when it went together, they heard the phrasing and rhytbm all made sense.

I studied with Mike for a semester at Berklee. It could be with a person, an instrument, or in getting better at a kind of music, or skill set.

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If this is your first visit, you will have to register before you can post or view specific content. I’m also applying the Rhythm Knowledge method to my practicing, albeit only a few certain pages in the book. No matter what we do, it can be organized and learned in ways that are better than others.

If vol2 is in the same league as Lang’s materials, I know I can safely skip it for now. Mike’s theory is that this is the quickest way to create a muscle memory pattern that your body will not forget. And while I will admit, I only actively apply those two principles in his book, a lot of other things written in there are common sense.

Mike is looking at it in a phrase and lining it up that way. That’s pretty much it. Once you know how to play the exercises, then you start worrying about the timing in relation to other musicians His father advised him to learn something else to fall back on. Mike Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge This website is not yet fully constructed and will change. The Universe works how it works. If you were a student of his and able to benefit from his first-hand teaching at Berklee, you got far more out of them.


It will help you learn how hrythm song goes, on the first two, then when you really slow it down, that’s where you put all of your repetitions of a song. He’s good for the Dream Theater gig.

Same with let’s say Focussing is hard enough, but there are techniques that make it so much easier. All times are GMT Originally Posted by ZiGglA. The common denominator is the motion of the single stroke roll.


I’m not quite sure how Mike meant for that to be applied; for all his intelligence and drumming ability, the books aren’t very well written, nor are they very pragmatic. This post really requires a bit of familiarity with Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge I seem to go through this from time to time. There’s a lot of good stuff there, but it is a tad laborious to get through.

I don’t really know the story about that— except that they assembling a bunch of famously-amazing drummers, and then crowned MM as King Amazing at the end.