Narcotics Anonymous 6th Edition, Kindle Edition Highlight, take notes, and search in the book; Length: pages; Word Wise: Enabled; Enhanced. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) describes itself as a “nonprofit fellowship or society of men and . The Basic Text called Narcotics Anonymous is divided into two books . .. NA groups who use a self-produced version of the Basic Text that has come to be known as the Baby Blue which is basically the Third Edition, Revised Basic . 1 Oct the first changes to our book in two decades. It was approved All manuscripts submitted become the property of Narcotics Anonymous World.

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NA has also produced dozens of “Informational Pamphlets,” or “IPs,” of varying length that cover a wide range of recovery-related topics, including questionnaires for those who think they may have a drug addiction and information for those addicts trying to stay clean while still inside hospitals or institutions. Cocaine Anonymous originally formed to address the special needs of cocaine addicts, but “is not a drug specific fellowship” and “welcomes anyone with a drug or alcohol problem and offers a solution”.

After the rapid succession of five editions during the s, this was the first new edition in twenty years. We made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all. The motion was carried by unanimous consent in Professional editors and writers were hired in to improve the Basic Text so that it was more consistent in tone and style.

We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. In NA, it does not matter what substance you used, and alcohol is seen as a drug. In the latemeetings bue to form again and grow.

The approximate number of input received was pieces, of which 60 percent came from individuals, 17 percent came from groups, and 23 percent came from committees. There is usually no direct feedback during the “share”; thus only one person ever speaks at any given anontmous during this portion of the meeting. Literature is also purchased from Group contributions and made available to new members. Many books are go into depth about the topic of addiction. We continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.


We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

A motion for a project to create a new book was put to the World Service Conference in the conference cycle. Narcotics Anonymous Carena Second Edition. Book is used and in acceptable condition. This election process is narctics out by the Group Conscience which is a business meeting made up of the members of the Group who strive for consensus-based decisions.

Experienced NA members hold workshops, and meetings and present material to help the newer communities. Public Affairs PamphletSeptember page Submissions were received from the following countries although later on more personal stories were submitted and the additional statistics are unknown:.

Even if other people pointed out they may have a drug problem they were convinced otherwise. Area service committees also provide special subcommittees to serve the needs of members who may be confined in jails and institutions, and will also provide a public interface to the fellowship. Membership in Narcotics Anonymous is voluntary; no attendance records are kept either for NA’s own purposes or for others. Addicts lived to use and used to live. Other meetings include an “open sharing” component, where anyone narcotifs has the opportunity to share.

The first study found a roughly linear relationship between length of membership and abstinence with reduced anxiety and increase self-esteem [34] While the NA sample had higher anxiety than the non-addicted narcoticw groups, these levels were equivalent for those with three or more years membership, which is consistent with the hypothesis that NA membership reduces anxiety as well as substance use.

The NA service structure operates at area, regional and world levels. The task of choosing these stories was handed down from the World Service Office, to regional meetings, to Area Service Committee meetings and then to the individual home group meetings, where each member had a chance to review the new text. The basic text is numbered and limited edition.

Additionally, there are basic, formalized service positions at the group level to help the group perform its function: Narcotics Anonymous NA describes itself as a “nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem”. Meeting formats vary, but often include time devoted to the reading aloud of NA literature regarding the issues involved in living life clean which is written by and for members of NA.

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The spirit of anonymity is about placing “principles before personalities” and recognizing that no individual addict is superior narcotids another, ble that individual addicts do not recover without the fellowship or its spiritual principles.

12 Steps of Narcotics Anonymous

During the meeting, some groups allot time for NA-related announcements, and many meetings set narcotisc time to recognize “anniversaries” or “birthdays” of clean time. Area service committees directly support member groups and often put on special events, such as dances and picnics. Narcotics Anonymous 6th edition PDF. Anonymous books, a Fifth Edition 5thand a Sixth 6th Edition.

Narcotics Anonymous

At that time, NA was not yet recognized by society at large as a positive force. Individuals from various spiritual and religious backgrounds, as well as many atheists and agnostics, have developed a relationship with their own higher power. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Pages are straight and clean.

It includes ten chapters on “Our Program” and a new section of recovery experience from NA members. In order to more effectively serve the fellowship, World Services and the Zonal Forums maintain an ongoing partnership in order to plan and conduct the Worldwide Workshop system. I accept PayPal only. The s was a period of rapid growth in NA’s history. The one promise of NA is that “an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live” Basic Text.

Retrieved June 15, Many meetings are conducted by the chairperson who chooses the speakers. The Basic Text of NA says, in Chapter Four, in reference to all twelve steps, “These are the principles which made our recovery possible”. Different factions supported different versions of the Basic Text, and in the ensuing power struggle there were many accusations made and resentments cultivated.

The twelve steps of the NA program are based upon spiritual principlesthree of which are honestyopen-mindednessand willingnessembodied in the first three steps.

Drug and Alcohol Dependence.