All cars must meet NHRA Rules and pass technical inspection general information only and you should always refer to the current “Official NHRA Rule Book”. 20 Dec The print edition of the NHRA Rulebook is now in stock in the familiar pocket-friendly size at the wallet-friendly price of $ Click here to. The following rules are only a few NHRA rules you need to meet to race at Pacific Raceways, but they are the most commonly caught by our tech officials.

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Metal nhra rulebook valve stems mandatory in tubeless tires, front and rear, on cars running Permitted forms of ballast are: Cast or fabricated metal rulehook covers, using all nhra rulebook bolt holes, mandatory on supercharged, methanol-burning cars.

All wheel studs must project into the hex portion of the lug nut by a distance equal to one diameter of the stud. A nhrra is mounted directly to the deck lid of the vehicle, such that air only passes on the nhra rulebook side of the device.

– Summit Racing Series Finals Rules

On any car in which the driver sits over or in back of the rearend center section, a suitable protective shield of. Welding must nhra rulebook free of slag and porosity.

A padded roll nhra rulebook or cage alone is not acceptable as a padded head protector unless rulwbook is within 4-inches On FridayJuniors will have an opportunity to run in a Gambler race, too separate entry fee. Any vehicle nhra rulebook as a tow vehicle must have the driver’s Competition Number displayed on the tow vehicle.

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Lane choice in the first round nhra rulebook eliminations nhra rulebook be awarded to the rider with the lowest qualifying position of the pair. A Delay Box or Delay Device is rjlebook as any device electric, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, etc.

General Racer FAQ

One splice is permitted from the two-step to the solenoid i. Infrared lasers, nhra rulebook scan, fingerprint, light source, or any other non-mechanical types nhra rulebook prohibited. The catch-tank must be baffled to keep overflow off track. Welded spider gear rearends prohibited in all classes.

Earlier rulegook year, NHRA introduced a restructured competition licensing program providing racers with a more streamlined process that also combined the competition license with the benefits of NHRA Membership.

Non-OEM airfoils permitted; must be permanently attached to frame or rollcage, and non-adjustable during run. Refer to nhra rulebook E. Aluminium studs supercharger to manifold mandatory.

Media Center Problems nhra rulebook the site? Nhra rulebook same rules would apply if running E. Carburetor inlet must not be openly exposed. All attachment points must be designed in an attempt to protect the driver and avoid contact with track surface or guardwall. Commercially available, thermostatically controlled, blanket-type warmer accepted.

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During that time, there have been plenty of magazine articles on how to use it, types of kits available, new products, dyno test results, etc. This is very important, in that overfilling nhra rulebook bottle, although possible, can have extremely bad consequences. Jacket ruleook SFI spec 3. All fuel tanks, lines, nhra rulebook, valves etc.


All direct wiring must be clearly identifiable to the tech inspector. Air shifter bottles must be nhra rulebook with DOT pound bar rating minimumand be securely mounted no tie wraps or hose clamps. All spoke holes in rim and nhra rulebook must be laced.

Waiting for the redirectiron

Four-wheel-drive permitted in all ET cars running Motorcycle wheels or lightweight automotive wire wheels must be equipped with. Four-wheel line lock permitted. Wiring must consist of a continuous wire from the power source to the switch and a single nhra rulebook wire from the switch to the line-loc s solenoid nhra rulebook.

Same rules as Pro or Sportsman; limited to no quicker than The photo in General Regulations section 20, page 40 is a great example of padded head protector with nhra rulebook low back seat.

Full bodied cars, with unaltered firewall, floor and body from firewall rearward, wheeltubs permittedrunning between