The Dell PowerEdge Me Modular Blade Enclosure is a breakthrough in enterprise server architecture. Built from the ground up to combat data center. Buy Dell PowerEdge Me 16 Slot Blade Server Chassis w/ 9x Fans, 6x PS: CPU Cooling Fans – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible. Dell PowerEdge Me 16 Slot Blade Enclosures from ETB Technologies. New and refurbished blade enclosures in stock and available for immediate.

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For redundancy blaade would normally install switches in pairs: Cisco offers a range of switches for blade-systems from the main vendors. All power supplies and fan-units are inserted from the back and are all hot-swappable.

Bladde 4 more pictures. Often a physically isolated LAN is created for management allowing management access to all enclosures even when the entire infrastructure is down.

Depending on the model and used disk driver the PS M offers a system raw storage capacity between 4. To use it one would need to pull it out and tilt it to read the screen and have access to the buttons. A maximum of four on-blade hot-pluggable 2. Another feature is to use link-dependency. When the enclosure is in ‘stand alone’ mode you will get a general overview of the entire system: Dell also offered some Cisco Catalyst switches for this blade enclosure.

Once the IP address is set or known the operator can access the webgui using the default root-account that is built in from factory. The G offers 24 ports: An Me enclosure offers several ways for management.

Dell unveils 40GbE Enabled networking switch24 April With superior energy efficiency and industry leading data centre density, the refurbished Me is the chassis of choice for your M and M blades.


Poweredge M Technical enclosurvisited 29 August All other parts and modules are placed at the rear of the Me. Standard license offers 12 connections which can be increased by 12 to support all 24 ports.

Warranty & Support

Also power and cooling is redundant: It is also possible to use completely diskless blades that boot via PXE or external blae. These ‘on board’ NICs connect to a switch or pass-through module inserted in the A1 or the A2 bay at the back of the switch. If there are any discrepancies between the product headline, description and picture, the correct information will be in the product headline i.

There are also older blades like the M, M and M series. It also allows the enclsoure manager to aggregate uplinks from physically different switch-units into one logical link.

Populated enclosures – 48 hours.

Current versions of the enclosure come with midplane 1. Rest assured that the goods are very safely packaged and protected, while pallet freight shipments receive far less handling than traditional smaller shipments. The server-blades are inserted in the front side of the enclosure while all other components can be reached via the back. We always have parts in stock and will provide favorable pricing to existing customers any time after this day enclosurw.

Dell M1000e Chassis (Configure-To-Order)

Your email is secure. On the link-level PCM switches support link aggregation: Similar capabilities as above, but offering 16 X 16Gb FC towards server mezzanine and 8 external.

Expected in stock Browse our detailed specification below or see the official Dell Me Chassis spec sheet for this system.


Sign up below and we’ll send you email updates about special events, offers and sales happening online and in our stores. Is extended warranty available? Up to six MXL blade-switch can be stacked into one logical switch. To support the M server one needs to run CMC firmware 4. Log in New customer? But for the Mezzanine card it is different: It uses either the B or C fabrics to connect the Fibre Channel mezzanine card in the blades to the FC based storage infrastructure. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Take a look at our reassuring packaging process. Cisco cuts Nexus d blade switch16 February It is also possible to connect a virtual KVM switch to have access to the main-console of each installed server. The M, M, M and MK are all switches in the same family, based on the same fabrics Broadcom and running the same firmware-version. Views Read Edit View history. You can stack up to 8 Catalyst switches to behave like one single switch.

DELL BTO/PE Me Blade Enclosure includes | Futureport

There are several modules available offering Infiniband connectivity on the Me chassis. Each power-supply is a enclosyre power-supply and uses — V AC as input voltage. One would normally connect the Ethernet links on the CMC avoiding a switch in the enclosure.

The empty blade enclosure weighs For the uplink or external connections there are two options: