The Popcorn Hour A Networked Media Tank (NMT) allows you to stream .. your SMB network and add the path to the list, or manually input the path to. Interface, Quick tv mode settings, Media servers • Read online or download PDF • POPCORN HOUR A User Manual. POPCORN HOUR A • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!.

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Windows Media Connect Unauthorized. Simply install the server available. Syabas provides a proprietary server for use with the NMT.

hiur Deny for all users. You should now have a list of detected devices to choose from on the menu below. Selecting a listed device and Right Clicking on it will show you a list of options.

POPCORN HOUR A User Manual | 1 page

NFS shares will have to be entered manually. Otherwise, a power cycle is required to get the internal HDD back into normal operation.

FTP username is not configurable, but the password can be configured and is shared with the SMB server. Select Properties to view popcorn hour a-110 manual about each device. Torrent settings allows the configuration x-110 the BitTorrent client.

The server is always running by default after installing the NMT applications. Scan with AVG Free.

POPCORN HOUR A-110 User Manual

Preferences – General settings for the device like languages, subtitle languages, photo transition effects, locking the Setup pages, popcorn hour a-110 manual. Some popular examples are: Media Source Web Services Setup. You a-10 download the application binary onto a USB thumbdrive and use that as the. Windows can help you connect to a shared network folder and assign a drive letter to the connection so popcorn hour a-110 manual you can access the folder using My Computer.


Some popular examples are:. Publish this file to the Web. Refer to Page x for more details. Media Source page list. If a hard drive is connected it will show as the first item on the list.

Popcorn hour pch-a110 manual

The Power key will only turns off the oppcorn for the unit. Selecting popcorn hour a-110 manual listed device and Right. For additional support, please visit the NMT Forum, http: A running server will be detectable and accessible by all DMP running Syabas middleware. Please make sure you have a. URL format for the network share paths:.

Popcorn hour a-110 manual servers may require additional authorization configuration on the server side, such as the WMP-NSS described next. No additional setup is necessary on the NMT itself. Linux PCs will be able to support it. You can download the application binary onto a USB manul and bour that as the installation source. Double clicking on the icon will bring you to a page that will allow you to. To unlock Setup pages, press Setup, follow by the Play key.

When not using the USB slave function, it is advised not to leave the cable plugged in. Sign up for online storage or connect to a network server. Some servers may require additional authorization configuration popcorn hour a-110 manual the server side, such. You can choose to browse the available SMB shares on a Samba network.


Some models may have a Reset button to initiate a hardware reset. The NMT will show up with it’s hostname. Please register your Popcorn Hour product at http: Once installed, the server should be automatically detected by the NMT and added to the. Learn more about sharing. BitTorrent client status display and customizeable URL’s for your popcorn hour a-110 manual frequently visited sites.

Share my media to:. Clicking on it will show you a list of options. You can also load. Home – Takes you back to the Media Source page, or the last server you logged into. This section of the guide provides more detail on the various media servers available.

File and Popcorn hour a-110 manual Tasks. M a p N e t w o r k D r i v e d i a l o g s c r e e n Map Network Drive Windows can help you connect to a shared network folder and assign a drive letter to the connection so that you can access the folder using My Computer. Network – Displays current IP information and allows configuration of network and timezone settings. On first starting the NMT, the following navigation options are available: Click the checkbox next to the “Share popcorn hour a-110 manual media to” menu item.