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The Complete RSI Book by John Hayden

The most powerful ways to use the RSI are not even described in the published literature! There is a better way to use the RSI. We can calculate the upside target at 1 00 1 from [ If there are no sell or buy orders entering the pit, prices will stagnate.

We never share your information and you can unsubscribe at any time. At the end of Domplete 2, there is the initial pair and a new pair of baby rabbits, giving 2 pairs of rsl. When this occurs, the shorter timeframe traders have overextended themselves in the retracement.

RSI: The Complete Guide

This book will attempt to convey the information that a trader would want or need to know about the Relative Strength Index. The largest esi or decrease in the RSI value occurs when the ratio changes from 1: We can also calculate the upside target by obtaining the difference between points “B” and “Ref’ and adding the difference to point “A.

Once you understand the concepts included in this book, take some time to play with this idea. If there are traders focused on a different timeframe, they may cause these significant levels to be momentarily negated without destroying the trend. This provides a very good indication that we will have a good up move and that the target price will be achieved. Prices fell to 1 Ifwe are using minute bars to determine the l O bar average, we must not use the last bar in the trading day in the calculation to determine the average range as it only consists of30 minutes.


Keep in mind that you are looking for relationships that occur infrequently.

RSI: The Complete Guide book by John Hayden | 1 available editions | Alibris Books

The reason that prices move is because of how traders perceive the reality of the market place in a certain unit of time as dictated by their capitalization, experience, and risk tolerance. When the Bears were able to close the market below point G and making a breakaway gap lower, the Bears were the dominant force.

In calculating for the value for RSI on succeeding days, the ‘sum of gain’ in price in ‘N’ time and the ‘sum ofloss’ in price in ‘N’ time is multiplied by one less than the fixed period of time ‘N’. Rule 1 – Modified 1. As a result, the RSI is also one of the most widely misused technical indicators!

When the retracement of a rally is shallow, it indicates a stronger opinion of the shorter timeframe traders versus the opinion of the longer-term traders. The Bears push prices down to a low of This defeats the purpose of using the RSI to obtain an early indication of important price behaviors as it introduces time lag into the calculation. Sandip Matte marked it as to-read Dec 25, The market place simply consists of traders that are focused on a unit of time with every expectation that the market price action will move in their favor within their established unit of time.

These target prices are significant numbers. However, it isn’t so easy to see the market retracements. Share your stories and reviews with other customers! When a trendline is drawn using the RSI in junction with a Momentum Discrepancy Reversal Point, the “reliability” of the trendline is significantly increased.

Without this encouragement, this manuscript would never have been born. A short-term rally will fizzle if the shorter-term traders push prices higher and the next longer timeframe traders decide that prices are “too high.

When prices rallied to the upper trendline at bar “K,” we should have exited our remaining position. This infonnation is important because it serves to highlight the reasons why so many people fail to make money in trading.


This is a key point to understand- there is a limit to how long the short-term traders will perceive that the current price is “cheap. Should the two traders agree a few minutes later to make another trade, then this new information will tell all of the other traders that the price has changed up, down, or has remained the same.

Prices rally to point G at This is when they look to enter the market. However because the purpose of this book is to gain a hohn understanding of rsk RSI, it will not be discussed further.

Consequently, traders who desired to sell their com contracts see an active buyer steadily raising the offering price to When prices establish a new low at 1we knew that the Bulls would be gunning for the breakaway gap and should they fail to close above that level, the market would collapse once again. I like this concept.

The Complete RSI Book

The family tree of a male drone bee has the following: If the Bulls find support at or above the 3 1. What are the major jhn and resistance numbers using prior rallies and declines?

With bar “G” pushing prices just above You must be paying attention at all times. Once we begin trailing our protective stop, the probability of being stopped out in a minor retracement increases.

The most important number is the Momentum Discrepancy Reversal Point price. When hidden divergence occurs, it is classified as the strongest divergence possible. Here are items to examine on the longer-term or daily chart: Usually, you will see a rally followed by a retracement followed by a new rally to new highs.