Bruce Sterling has called his Shaper/Mechanist novel Schismatrix “my favorite among my books.” It is a detailed history of a spacefaring humanity divided into. Bruce Sterling’s Schismatrix is to Neuromancer what Gormenghast is to The Lord of the Rings, at least as far as its place in the Cyberpunk canon is . 31 Jan It’s been about twenty years since I first read Sterling’s Schismatrix. At the time, I didn’t find it that interesting, nor a particularly good novel. Sure.

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The novel takes place over the course of approximately years and follows the long career and myriad adventures of diplomat Abelard Lindsay. Jul 03, zxvasdf rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nobody is in a position to actually enforce these property claims but people organize their lives around them anyway.

This is a good science fiction novel, but it is very heavy and in the end I appreciated the short stories in the back better than the actual Schismatrix part. Feb 28, Adam Shand rated it it was amazing. This schismatrox takes place in Czarina-Kluster, the floating city-state built around the engineless hulk of an Investor ship that imprisons the disgraced Investor Queen whom Lindsay blackmails in Schismatrix, and picks up pretty much where the novel leaves schismatrox Wellspring, the enigmatic terraforming advocate whom Lindsay coached in the art schismtrix cultivating a personal mystique, has successfully risen to prominence in Czarina-Kluster’s government, and is busily directing the terraforming of Mars.

It had me going to the dictionary on more than one occasion to look schismartix terms such as “clade” and “Prigoginic” which relates to Ilya Prigogine who, according to Wikipedia, was a Belgian chemist noted for his work on dissi Schismatrix is a deeply engaging novel about the schisjatrix future of humanity. Published June by Ace first published LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.


I picked up this book based solely on Alastair Reynolds insane props: I didn’t understand why Lindsay and Constantine were fighting over Vera in the first place. As the decades and centuries pass, the political situation evolves, and reverts back on itself time and again, bringing Lindsay to face a final decision that transcends the cracked, post-human world he is immersed in.

Also like schsimatrix, they have many different castes, with body types specialized for each caste’s function. It took me a while because it’s so unassuming, but I got to say I eventually realized I was digging his prose. A couple of interesting ideas but far and few between. Though perhaps “romp” isn’t quite the right word. If you don’t mind all those quaint data tapes, that is.

In fact, I put this on my “did n Probably closer to a 2. But the similarities between the two end here. Get updates Get updates. The factions are fighting each other in wars lasting generations.

Jul 06, Terry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Si continua senza elevarsi dal tono iniziale, senza puntare in alto. Refresh and try again. Constantine is allowed to remain in the Republic because his knowledge is needed to keep the Republic’s environment from self-destructing but Lindsay is exiled to the Mare Tranquilitatis Circumlunar People’s Zaibatsu. I would recommend reading the stories before the novel.

How it related to the ending of the novel also made it fall flat for me, it’s just not the kind of SF conceit I’m that into, unless done very well. Constantine has abandoned Preservationism to become a Shaper militant, and sends an assassin to present a stark choice: In the years during Lindsays’ catatonia, the expansion of settlements throughout the solar system has seen an economy in huge surplus; with abundant wealth, expensive and prolonged terraforming efforts are first being considered.

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See all books by Bruce Sterling. The gifts for survival were not found only in the sharp perceptions of the Shapers, with their arsenals of brain-stretching biochemicals, or th “Knowledge was power. Then the Investors go away or something.


Why was Vera so fascinating to both men? It took me almost the entire book to unravel the main premise was two cousins with different philosophies of life are out to get each other. Lavish gifts are the rent she extracts from people who want to settle in Czarina-Kluster — they call it “the Queen’s Percentage”. If that’s cyberpunk, then Sterling has taken the pretension way past its defined forms. The moment I read in Galactic North that Alastair Reynolds acknowledged Schismatrix as a huge influence in developing his Revelation Space series, I knew I had to eventually track it down.

While we seem to be on schismattrix track to posthumanity, that schlsmatrix will not solve the larger concern of living.

Schismatrix (Literature) – TV Tropes

Stay in Touch Sign up. A spider can sense prey approaching by feeling the vibrations in its web; so for Spider Rose, nothing enters the perimeter of her tiny enclave without her knowledge. Even more useful in the Age of Trump, considering the adjustments you have to do every day. A theme of divisions between groups of future humans based on bio-enhancements, Not my taste.

And a cockroach tequila for Steve. Also posted at Shelf Inflicted Lindsay manages to escape with a group of Mechanist pirates, in the process aiding Kitsune to take power of the Geisha Bank openly.