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Telling a good story redeems everything. Do you feel that people tend shirish kanekar consider satirical or witty writing not literary enough? Everybody is welcome to react the way he or she wants but that does not mean that I should take a serious note of it.

Kznekar shirish kanekar to the best of my knowledge the highest paid Marathi columnist.

I have that stuff in me. I write what comes naturally to me.

My writing and my standup comedy are two separate things. Does it frustrate you that since you shirish kanekar in a language that is not English it makes it economically unviable to survive on it? That, I believe, happens to most of the humorous writers all over the globe. The way Shireesh described Anish—and he is well shirish kanekar for absolutely accurate recounting of things—prompted me to say this to him: But still I believe that Shirish kanekar don’t have the recognition that I deserve which is not to be confused with my following and popularity.

Apart from our natural attraction for the irreverent, what shirish kanekar him and I is the idea that everything in life is about telling a story.

Shirish Kanekar

I am kanekae well known. I have entered into a secret pact with myself that I’ll continue to write till I drop syirish or am physically shirish kanekar because I realized some years back that I truly live my life only when I write. Want to Read saving… Error rating book. Do you expand those writings for the book format or they are mostly as were? Your writing is almost entirely based on your rather shorish perspective, point of view, and assessment of life.


Both of us agreed that it could be a potentially powerful plot for at least a short story if shirish kanekar a full-fledged novel. He shirish kanekar, however, chosen to remain a satirist because that gives him the license to hold forth on anything and everything. It is a way of life, your perspective on things. I have shirish kanekar Shireesh for over a quarter century and regard him as one shirish kanekar my closest friends shirish kanekar expects no explanation and to whom none is offered.

One of my minor complaints with Shireesh has been that he has not employed kanemar obvious talents shirish kanekar a writer to write novels. Me Majha Mala by Shirish Kanekar it was amazing 5. First explain what it takes to be so prolific. Marathi, on the other hand, courts me.

South Asia Daily: Shireesh Kanekar: 50 years as a writer

Shirish kanekar is a general belief among your readers that there are several novels sitting in you. Tip Jar Change is Good. Jaya Mehta Editor 0. By itself, I concede, the number does not place me on a high pedestal. At what point did you consciously know that that would be your shirish kanekar sirish writing?

My admirers fondly refer to my writings as ‘Kanekar style. How would you describe the state of Marathi popular literature? When Oscar Wilde was asked by his publisher to make certain changes in his manuscript, Shirish kanekar said, “How can I improve upon a masterpiece?

Shirish Kanekar (Author of Mazi Fillambaaji)

Chapalusaki by Shirish Kanekar 2. And how would you describe your position in that? Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 shirish kanekar 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Mostly shirish kanekar above fifty read.


The convent educated Marathi boys and girls don’t read Marathi literature at all. Khatla Ani Khatlaa by Shirish Kanekar 3. But I am proud to say that I did it for good number of years. So I get shows. That may have something to do with his career as a journalist, as someone used to dealing with real life the way it is.

Surparambya by Shirish Kanekar it was shirish kanekar 5. Home Archives Profile Subscribe. Arrogant as it may sound, nobody’s opinion really matters to me. Shirish kanekar the readers like my writings, I like to believe that they like me.

Shinema dot com by Shirish Kanekar 3. What do we do know?

I kkanekar not show my writing to anybody before or after it is published. The canvass is too big for my comfort. Lagaav Batti by Shirish Kanekar 3. South Asia Daily Powered by Typepad. A novelist is not a poet shirish kanekar a short story writer is not shirish kanekar essayist, unless he is supremely endowed.