Palabras clave: atrofia de múltiples sistemas (AMS), disautonomía, ataxia cerebelosa, el síndrome de Shy- Drager, la degeneración nigroestriada. (SND) y la. Shy-Drager syndrome a case report with polysomnography. Síndrome de Shy- Drager: registro de caso com estudo polissonográfico. F. S. Aloe; P.E. Marchiori; . A atrofia de múltiplos sistemas (AMS) é uma doença neurodegenerativa esporádica nigro-estriatal, atrofia olivopontocerebelar, síndrome de Shy- Drager.

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We report two patients presenting two different forms of MSA, although in the first case cerebellar syndrome was the main feature and in the second case, parkinsonian symptoms were predominant. Causes, Symptoms, Treatment- Anticoagulants, Corticosteroids. Acta Neurol Napoli 5: Medications to elevate blood pressure, such as salt-retaining steroids, are often necessary, but they can cause side effects and should be carefully monitored.

Our cases are classified as hsy MSA according to criteria in consensus, since the diagnosis of MSA is defined draver with pathological analysis 6.

She presented a more severe clinical picture and functional deterioration, despite the same time of disease evolution. A medication called mestinon is quite effective in sindeome the blood pressure both while standing and sidrome down.


Elsevier, Amsterdam,pg. Eighteen months after he noted gait and speech alteration. Recently, neuroimaging studies, especially the MRI, have showed some alterations that, although not specific, may help the diagnostic of different forms of MSA. Clinicopathological study of 35 cases of multiple system atrophy.

Symptoms, Causes, Types, Treatment. Longitudinal MRI study of multiple system atrophy: Services on Demand Journal. Mayo Clin Proc All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Brain Foundation | Shy Drager Syndrome

Constipation may improve with increased dietary fibre or laxatives. New Engl J Med The second case reports a patient presenting MSA-P or striatonigral degeneration and the brain MRI shows lenticular nucleus sign alteration. Anti-parkinsonian medication, such as L-dopa may be helpful. In the second case, diffuse pain was the first symptom, probably resulting from extrapyramidal rigidity that soon became evident with clear asymmetry right side more intense than the left.

Ann Cardiol Angiol Lippincott Willians and Wilkins, Characteristcs of the dysarthria of multiple system atrophy. When the patient falls to a prone position, the blood pressure returns toward normal and the patient will regain consciousness.

Non-autonomic symptoms include Parkinsonism slowness of movement, stiffness of muscles, mild tremors, and loss of balancedifficulty moving eyes causing double vision and problems with focusing, problems controlling emotions and wasting of muscles.


Shy Drager Syndrome

The authors report a case of Shy-Drager syndrome in a 53 year-old male patient. You May Also Like. Then fludrocortisone started without success.

This includes blood pressureheart rate, bladder functionand digestive system. Shyy upon which part of the brain is affected first, MSA may appear in different ways.

Am J Med The syndrome is named after the two doctors who first identified it in Subscribe to Free ePainAssist Newsletters. There is a progressive loss of mental and physical functions until general debilitation develops.

A diagnosis of fibromyalgia was given.

Shy-Drager Syndrome usually affects people who are above the age of 60 years. She reported urinary incontinence and insomnia almost every night in the last 2 years. Services on Demand Journal. J Clin Endocr Metab We describe two patients showing different presentations of the same disease.