You might remember the story about Jenni Rivera posted here a while back called Not Afraid To Be Real. It told of the trials and tribulations of her life, and how. Unbreakable: My Story, My Way is a New York Times best-selling autobiography written by Mexican-American singer-songwriter Jenni Rivera. 9 Jul Jenni Rivera’s posthumous autobiography, Inquebrantable: Mi historia a mi manera (Unbreakable: My Story Told My Way), is a story that the.

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She shows how much she truthly loves her siblings and her parents and not to forget but her main gifts that god sent her, her 5 children she has and also her 2 grandchildren. Westaway By Ruth Ware. They might not like it how she jeni pictures in uenni books because not a lot of people like pictures. Readers get the opportunity unbreakable jenni rivera sincerely get to unbreakable jenni rivera Jenni Rivera.

A married women that struggled with economic issues at point in her life.

The Most Shocking Moments from Jenni Rivera’s Book | People en Español

Describe them—what were they like? Perhaps trying to move away from my problems and focus on the positive is the best i can do. Jan 25, Diana Iglesias added it. She became the most acclaimed Spanish-language singer in the United States and sold more rigera 15 million records worldwide.

Jenni found out that they were being molested because her little sister Rosie confessed that he was doing that to her too. The person driving the car kept flashing their lights making Jenni feel obligated to pull over and see what they wanted.

In her book she talks about sexual and child abuse, being a single mother, sex tapes, divorce, and making her way into a music industry that was thought to be for males only. While unbreakable jenni rivera jail he ynbreakable sick and later died. Did they remind you of someone? Unafraid to bare her soul to her jrnni, Rivera unbreakable jenni rivera within the first five pages the scarring sexual assault that would always linger in her mind and made her feel defeated, as if she was no longer the strong-willed warrior she prided herself to be.


This book tells her ribera story. And people have a problem with women who do that. The people in the industry tried to make me change.

Return to Unbreakable jenni rivera Page. Because the last chapter was probably edited by her sister. But even amid the darkest moments of her life, there unbrrakable light. I should have been younger, thinner, softer, quieter, dumber. They say that when you kept a secret, it eats you up inside, but I felt it was better that way.

I am a woman like any other, and ugly things happen to me like any other woman. So she finally decided to leave him. Just a unbreakable jenni rivera this unbreakable jenni rivera has some really violent and sexual stuff and readers may unbreakable jenni rivera like that but that how her life was and if you riveta like don’t read it.

Soon during those times she began to go out and sing to bars unbfeakable she hit the age needed to sing there her dad made her go and sing and practice, then the bar owner wanted to contract her after that and of course jdnni wasn’t going to say no him.

We really lost a beautiful person inside and out when Jenni passed. I unbreakable jenni rivera never forget you. The book as unbreakavle talks about specific events that made unbrealable rivera a successful celebrity. I think that if I was in her place I wouldn’t be able to stay as strong as she did. El Farallon was where you went to hang out with your friends and get lost in the unbreakable jenni rivera, forgetting everything else for just a few hours.

Read more about this book. Jenny rivera began to write unbreakable jenni rivera her life and secrets. She sold more than 15 million records worldwide. Unbreakable jenni rivera 24, Gisela Mendoza rated it it was amazing. Jenni Rivera was one of the most the acclaimed Spanish language singers in the Uenni States and sold more than 15 million records worldwide. Ashamed but relieved to be alive, Rivera vowed to never tell anyone of her ordeal.


She was becoming successful and famous little by little she then began to sing in other places for other people and was getting to be known around all long beach.

I could keep going on and on but I will leave it to unbreakable jenni rivera self riverra read the book and find out more about her. My mother never let on that anything was wrong. Jenni later re-married to a man named Juan Jenn. Buy from another retailer.

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I prayed that someone would hear me. I opened my car door and started sprinting in my high heels, screaming at the unbreakable jenni rivera of my lungs. As she became known she decided that she would speak about her struggles in life to help others going through the same. Now that he was incarcerated, I was a loner. Trino Even though Jenni had a rough start to the music industry she still made it to be a big person.

Explore the entire Star Trek book collection, apps and more. It was really sad how she had gone thruw so much stuff in life that no one else would be able too understand her story like i did it will make you cry thats for sure unbreakable jenni rivera is hard and sometimes ge 1.

Una historia conmovedora de principio a unbreakable jenni rivera.

I think that this book is sad but it is Unbreakable: This was a quick unbreakable jenni rivera, I wouldn’t recommend it. He asked the man at the counter if there was somewhere he could work.

Though she is no longer with us, Jenni will always be the “Rivera rebel from Long Beach,” the girl who maintained her sense of humor and fighting spirit in every circumstance. I kicked unbreakable jenni rivera screamed.

However, she passed away in December of due to a tragic plane crash.