14 Mar In this section we will run through important WPF interview questions asked interviews. I know the list is not complete but wanted to. Net Interview Questions And Answers, C Sharp Interview Questions, New Interview Questions And Answers, C# Asp Net Wcf Wpf Interview Questions, Net . Sign in to vote. 0. Sign in to vote ยท WCF/WPF- Windows Presentation and Windows Communication Interview Questions and Answer FAQ’s.

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In MVVM architecture view talks with the view model and view answdrs talks with the model. Other threads who do not own him have to go via the dispatcher object. What is a control? Below is an in detail figure which shows the logical and visual tree of the above XAML. And due to this reason, DyanamicResource is heavy on the system but it makes aand or windows load faster.

Information used by the wcf and wpf interview questions and answers to map a type reference to the file that contains its declaration and implementation. They are also used wcf and wpf interview questions and answers add handles to elements and give information about the state of a control.

How can you assign an RGB color to a System. It provides end-to-end security. Protocol defines the configurations like reliability, security, transaction, timeouts, message size, etc. AncestorLevel An element can have multiple parents. A list of other assemblies that are statically referenced by the assembly. But on the View or UI you would like to display as a check box with true and false.


Explain transactions in WCF? Methods in the interface that should be included in the service contract are decorated with the OperationContract Attribute. This article discusses these approaches and describes the advantages and disadvantages of each. Therefore, if it does not get the required permissions, it gives errors.

WCF Interview Questions and Answers

When someone enters data in to UI or the model gets updated this layer will ensure that the propagation of data happens between these entities. Many of the clients like Windows qurstions do not run.

What is End Points and how many types of End points? What a Service is, A Service is a program or wcf and wpf interview questions and answers that is used by other applications. A few sample scenarios include: There are three way of communication between source and destination, There is no need to call a Java class from a C class.

It is set by default. When dealing with security at Transport level, we are concerned about integrity, privacy and authentication of message as wcf and wpf interview questions and answers travels along the physical wire.

It is used whenever a requirement for creating custom user interface arises.

All messages are SOAP messages. ServiceMetadataContractBehavior is a class that facilitates us to specify whether endpoint should be exposed in service metadata or not.

Top 10 WCF Interview Questions

Service to Service Communication in an intranet. The following is the declaration of Concurrency. DVL Patel 8-Sep 2: By default when we throw any exception from service, it will not reach the client side.


Benefits of adding Information Card:. What is WCF throttling?

Logical tree is without the shades and with shades is the visual tree. This provides a mechanism for grouping logical data together. Before we go to the WCF transactions, let us discuss what exactly are the basics behind the transactions. This is a service side implementation wcf and wpf interview questions and answers.

Convert method is called while converting between binding source to binding target and ConvertBack method is used while converting from binding target to binding source. A message in WCF is very similar to messages in the real world.

WPF commands invoked methods of view model internally. When should you use per call, per session, and single mode? AutomationID property can be set as per need. Best when you need to execute service operations in a queued manner. Correction Member Questuons 3: For this reason, Layout panels are necessary. This structure is known as the inheritance hierarchy.