11 Jan Hey guys! You all must have been looking for the XAT study material. Here I am uploading it for you. 1. XAT Question Paper: XAT XAT previous year question paper with answers & solutions. Solved past paper with answer key for prelims/mains exam. Detailed explanation given for all . XAT – Answer each question by darkening the appropriate alternative letter No other piece of paper is permitted to be used for rough work. 8. Use only.

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As usual XAT exam included essay writing for which 20 minutes time was allotted. Plus they had multiple statements and the right combination had to be selected. The negative marks deducted for each incorrect answer were one-fourth of the marks allotted to the question.

Even if I had 4 hours, I would have had the same number of attempts. Overall, the section was moderate to tough. Their dat attention helped me extract the best out qufstion me. XAT was a questions paper, with a time limit of minutes and 20 minutes for essay writing. If someone has not performed well in the essay and is expecting a call, it would be a good idea to go through the book once and try questipn gather ideas about the topic.

The statesman who would attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals. The questions on ideas implied in the passage were a bit difficult and the options combining the various statements made it all the more difficult.

The percentiles are also very precise and continuous monitoring helped me to track my performance. Notify me when new comments are posted.

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XAT Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions

The section-wise distribution of marks and questions were as follows: The question on functions were difficult. A score of above 18 marks would be very good. September 28th, by Shashank Prabhu.

While the quant section was relatively easy, the DI questions were tough and calculative. So, the distribution of marks across the various question types was more or less uniform. Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making 24 questions, 67 marks: Verbal ability and Logical Reasoning section had 34 questions in total.

That was a statement many probably missed.

The cut-off for 95 percentile will probably hover around 14 marks and for the 90 percentile mark, it would be around 12 marks. These two sets could have been finished in pwper and one could have scored a cool 9 marks in this. The XAT could be rated as a quextion paper; hence a low cut-off is expected this time. Many aspirants at the centers gave disappointing responses when asked how their test was.

Five minutes into the test and all prep work qestion nothing. There were 7 questions from Geometry and almost all were tough. The cut-offs might be affected due to the fact that it would have been challenging with such a drastic pwper in pattern to get balanced sectionals. The expected cut-off for this particular section could be The study material too is quite comprehensive and sufficient for preparing for various competitions.

Para jumbles, punctuation, fill in the blanks, logical reasoning and odd one out were xst forms of questions in this section. MDI on fast-track achieves culmination of summer. Plus with such a subjective paper, there are differences in the keys which are bound to happen.

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With most of the questions being either for 2 or 3 marks, choices about which questions to attempt were easy to make in this section. As announced at the center, the results are to be expected by the last week of January. There were questions 3 Sections in all and the time allotted was 2hrs.

XAT Analysis: Peculiar pattern, differential marking leaves aspirants numb |

I attribute my success to their determination to extract the best out of me. Also View Articles by: If a 5 marker has boosted your score, it is also possible that it will bring your score down by 1.

The one question from trigonometry required knowledge about the concept and could have been a cakewalk if one knew it. It was a similar case last time around but, the results were out on 22 nd of January. Both the parajumbles were doable and atleast one could have been attempted. The expected cut-off for this section could be The XATtack review! The essay statement was: The section-wise distribution of marks and questions were as follows:. Going for easy 1s and 2s and not worrying about the 5s was important in building a good score.

Overall, this was the toughest section in the toughest paper of the season. Unethical Food Marketing to Children. Ten Ways to Reduce Stress on the Job.