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Libya ber amerikansk diplomat forlate landet

Berbisk jente fra Libya


Libya har bedt en diplomat ved den amerikanske ambassaden i Tripoli å forlate landet for “brudd på diplomatiske regler og normer.”

De libyske myndigheter ba Luke Reynolds, sekretær for politiske saker ved den amerikanske ambassaden om å forlate landet innen 24 timer.

Ifølge rapporten, kom utvisningen etter at diplomaten besøkte berbere i byen Yifrin, 130 kilometer sør-vest for hovedstaden Tripoli.

Yifrin er en av Libyas berbiske områder, 130 kilometer sør-vest for hovedstaden. Ifølge den Libyske juntaen finnes ingen berbere i Libya, kun arabere.


LIBYA, City of Yefren (Nefusa Mountains) – 24/12/2008

Early November 2008, some Libyan Berbers participated in the 5th Congress Mondial Amazigh (CMA) in Meknes (Morocco).

In reaction, Libyan revolutionary guards (also called Revolution Committees Lijane Attawriyah اللجان تورية ) gathered in the city of Yefren (Libya, Nefusa Mountains) on 24 December 2008, in front of the house of a relative of one of the Libyan Berber human rights’ activists.

Through explicit calls to murder and hung the so-called “Berber traitor,” the mob directly target and menace the Berber minority in Libya, and Berber indigenous people in North Africa called “Amazigh” (Kabyle, Chaouis, Chleuh, Rifans, Imzabiyen, Tuaregs, etc.).

These Libyan security agents explicitly target the “Congress Mondial Amazigh,” an international Human Rights NGO proactive in its promotion of Berber minority’s CULTURAL and LINGUISTIC specificity, including at the United Nations, and in the United States of America.

They accuse the Amazigh / Berber minority in Libya asking for their cultural and linguistic rights of being “enemies of the interior,” plotting against the unity and security of the “Libyan Nation,” and being agents and spies for the benefit of the Americans & Western enemies, Jews and Zionists.

With assistance from of passive and duplicitous police forces (dressed-up in blue), these guards end up with attacking the house of the Berber activist in Yefren.and

Additional related videos evidence are available on YouTube.

In a preliminary response to this attack on Amazigh civil population in Libya, the Congres Mondial Amazigh reported at the United Nations on 24 April 2009 at the Durban II Conference :

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