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Fred og evighet for Israel

Mange folkegrupper fortsatt kolonisert, som vårt, beundre med rette  det jødiske folket  for sin karakter, styrke og den raske kontrollen over sin skjebne.

65th Anniversary of the State of Israel

Peace and Eternity to Israel

Lyazid Abid, Anavad Vice-president

Many people still colonized, such as ours, rightly admire the Jewish people for their character, strength, and the rapid control of their destiny.


The creation of the State of Israel in 1948, which was as unpredictable as miraculous, revealed to the world the will of a committed people to overcome the world’s cruelty. While in exile for 2000 years, the Jewish people was scattered around the world and suffered the worst of persecutions. Under the Nazis, Jews were picked first as an obstacle to the “purification” of the German race.

Then came the Shoah, or the Holocaust “die Endlösung der Judenfrage”, as the final solution to the Jewish question. And the world, stunned, discovered the horror of mass murder; what one may call an industrialized genocide. More than six million Jews, or two thirds of those who lived in Europe, were exterminated under monstrous conditions.

In 1947, immediately following the defeat of the Nazis, the UN General Assembly recognized the legitimacy of the state of Israel by Resolution 181. The Jewish people had finally realized that only the creation of a State can protect them forever. Therefore, they have declared the independence of the State of Israel under the leadership of David Ben-Gurion on 14 May 1948.
Arab countries unanimously opposed this UN resolution; and, in the name of the “Arab cause”, they pushed the Palestinians into a bloody adventure that is not about to end. The same day, Israel was attacked by five Arab armies. Alone and isolated, Israel miraculously pushed back.
The young state has since progressed on all fronts and faces challenges of increasingly complex. Today, Israel is considered to be one of the greatest democracies in the world. Justice is independent! Freedom of the press and freedom of expression are respected in Israel and Muslims exercise their full rights.

The Muslim Arab countries that became independent after 1948 have all adopted the anti-Israeli position of their “brothers” of the Nahda. Even if they all decided to support at all costs the Palestinian cause to a state, particularly through a population of “refugees” in their territories, this should not prevent Israel from seeking a fair solution to this eternal business of Arab dictatorships.

We know that many Kabyle families were forced into exile after the bloody war against France in 1871. The families settled in Palestine have formally sent requests in vain to the Algerian authorities to repatriate them to Kabylia.
Despite their willing to provide all the necessary documents proving their Kabyle origin, their requests went unanswered. Algeria prefers to keep them in Palestine to wage war on Israel and to deny the Jews, who have lived there for over 3,000 years, the right to have a state.

This attitude in Arab countries is modeled on that of Jerusalem Grand Mufti, Mohammad Amin al-Husseini, who nurtured hatred of Jews long before the creation of the State of Israel. He befriended Hitler and gave him a strong hand in the extermination of the Jewish people.
We now know that the Muslim Arab states are capable of the worst cruelties. They have tarnished the memory of our Queen Kahina, our Agellid (King) Koceila for having resisted Arab invasions in the seventh century. Using sneaky calculations, they belittled our language to the level of patois, our culture to Arab sub-culture; and the members of our resistance, our heroes, are degraded as invaders, traitors and other collaborators. At the occasion of the commemoration of 20 April this year, the three main Kabyle leaders were literally lynched by the Algerian Arabic media (press and “private” TV). We had to wait for our liberation from the French colonialism in 1962 to rediscover the true face of the former colonizer. Today, our great and generous country, Kabylia, does not even exist administratively. In Algeria, as in France of yesteryear, the Kabyle people do not exist.

Many people still colonized, such as ours, rightly admire the Jewish people for their character, strength, and the rapid control of their destiny.
It is for the hope, the spirit of justice and the vision of the future embodied in Israel that I send you, in the name of the Kabyle Provisional Government and in my own name, a bright future.

The Kabyle people, including millions of its children in exile, also dreams of a triumphant return to their land.

Meanwhile, peace and eternity to Israel

Lyazid Abid,
Anavad Vice-president
peace and eternity to Israel

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