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Syria: Anavad oppfordrer det internasjonale samfunnet til å møte kurdnes ‘krav

Anavad urges the international community to meet Kurds’ demands

In order to stay in power, Assad has used chemical weapons agains this own people.This criminal be havior that is common to alldictators finally got the attention of the international community. A military intervention by Western countries is imminent.



The Provisional Government of Kabylia supports this action.The use of chemical weapons and all forms of violence agains tthe will of the people who aspire to freedom should be permanently banned by the international community.


Beyond the punitive action against the dictator of Damascus, the success of this procedurelies in the ability of the coalition to resolve crises that threaten Syria after Bashar.
The Anavad (The Provisional Government of Kabylia) suggests that the coalition requires future leaders of this country to respect human rights, political pluralism, alternation in power, freedom of religion as well as there cognition of the right of Kurds in Syria to self-determination.


Like the Kurds in Turkey, Iran and Iraq, Kurdish Syrians who suffered much oppression from Syria also aspire tot he independence of Kurdistan.
The Anavad recommends that the international community gives the Kurds the right to exercise sovereignty over their territory now.
This is the time more than ever to do justice to this brave people and recognize its territory, the Kurdistan.


Kabylia is following with interest the response of western countries against the tyrant of Damascus. Kabylia is convinced that meeting the demands for freedom of the Kurdish people is a conditio “sine qua non” for stability in the region.


After the fall of Saddam Hussein, Ben Ali, H. Mubarak, Gaddafi, B. Assad, the Anavad urges the international community to continue its work until the decline of all dictator ships. In this respect, the military oligarchy dictatorship in Algeria is enlightening.


The Kabyle Provisional Government sympathizes with the families of Syrian victims and assures Kurdish people of its continued support.


Lyazid Abid for Anavad


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